Two Views – as seen through the eyes of children!

boy and girl holding hands

Children holding hands – viewing the world before them!

Children holding hands


Both of these photographs are of a boy and a girl viewing the scene before them.

And while the same words that separate these two photographs are true for both photographs, the reality is worlds apart from what must be going on inside each of their innocent little minds.

Something to think on.

~ Penny


A Special Day of Remembrance

I honor every single man and woman who has and continues to serve for their countries.

They, each of them, are heroes for all of us.

Too often they give the greatest commodity there is to give “their lives”. In the world where the rate of exchange (the value for something) is predicated on a monetary value there must be a falseness to this value. In truth there is nothing that has a greater value than life itself! Nothing even comes close!


I do believe in peace. I think most everyone does. And most of us have strong opinions on this.


But none of these beliefs should take away or diminish the fact that all those who serve “on our countries behalf” (on our behalf) in times of conflict and war can be considered nothing short of heroes…


…Because they are.

Many pay the ultimate price and should be honored accordingly. They are average people just like you or I doing an amazingly not average thing. Protecting our way of life. Today is a special day of remembering those who have fallen.


War is a sadness because it always diminishes the most important thing on this planet – Life and it’s pure value! All life, the innocent and those who defend and protect them and those left behind to pick up the pieces and carry on.


Imagine, if you will, someone coming to this planet who knows only love and then is introduced to War and the effects and aftermath. Imagine that this person believed that life is the greatest commodity and that love of all life is the most precious thing there is. This video (from the movie 5th Element) is a short 55 seconds of how a person such as this would react.



War a sadness, loss of life a sadness.

Honoring those who give their lives for what they believe in, who protect and defend is important, right and just.

In this case – Love of those who gave/give their lives for us – is as important as Love of Life itself!

And that is a sadness for all of us!

~ Penny L Howe, 2012

Only One War is Acceptable

There is only One War that is acceptable.

The War that takes “NO” lives.

The War that isn’t decided because it is based on a struggle for power.

The War that isn’t based on discrimination due to a specific mindset;

about ethnicity, ideology, opinion, beliefs, or understandings.


There is only one Acceptable War.

The war that goes on within each of our minds.


The war where we struggle

to overcome our fears of the difference in others,

and learn to accept all.


We are all human.

We are the Human Race.

We are One!

No life is expendible,

No life is less important than another,

Not ever!

Not Ever!




We must win our private war –

Our struggles within!

Change, let it happen


We are all members of the human race,

Every single one of us!



This I believe

 please hear these words,

they move with the beat of the heart.

~ Penny L. Howe