Cuddling with Franky and Jonny from the cold!


Baby it’s cold outside!

To say the least! Very very cold and so this morning in a fluffy warm robe and with one of my “guys” I cuddle (with Franky) to stay warm!

cuddling 3

Franky’s brother (Jonny) is keeping my feet warm. Between the two of them they average 25 lbs each, so there’s a lot of fur to help me stay warm and in this cold weather I am appeciative!


For all of you dealing with wintry cold weather this week, stay safe and warm, for all of you who are somewhere warm and wonderful (lucky you!) Enjoy.

Everyone have the best ‘rest of the week’ that you can!


ps – the middle photo is new. the top and bottom photo’s with all the snow are older shots of some snowy times with my guys. I know that in many parts of the USA, right now you are dealing with lots of snow so decided to include these photos! Average temperature here has been in the single digit for the past few weeks so definitely brrrrrrrrr!

Sing … you

sing for the children

Sing you, for the children

Sing, we’re all the same,,

Sing for joy and happiness

Even through the pain.


Sing you,  for the future

Sing for all you gain,

Sing for the tomorrows

Sing through all the pain.


Sing you, for those suffering

Sing without the blame,

Sing with much forgiveness

Sing thru all the pain.


Sing you, thru all weather

Sing thru all the rain,

Sing, your voices raised on high,

Sing thru all the pain.


Sing you, ’cause you’re living

Sing thru all the strain,

Sing for all those loving

Much stronger than …

… your pain!


Penny L Howe, 2013

Thank you,


~ Penny

Copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe,

Clouds have a fan club – Who knew?

Clouds in the Evening Sky

Clouds in the Evening Sky

I consider clouds fascinating, I took this photo a few months ago here in Washington State. But apparently clouds are much more fascinating than I knew! There is a “Cloud Appreciation Society”. Now that is interesting!



Hope you enjoyed the video, I found it very intriguing!

~ Penny

penny l howe

The First Snow ~ The Winter Fairy comes

First Snow – The Coming of the Winter Fairy

There had been, for the last few days, a crisp coldness to the air – sharp and tangy. the smooth pastel grey of the overhanging clouds, so close you can almost touch them.

I think snow is on the way and this means the arrival of the Winter Fairy.


She makes her entrance with no sound at all while all of us glory in the beginnings of the majestic beauty of quietly falling snow.


It makes no difference if you’re a child or an adult, there is something so magically beautiful, exciting and peaceful about watching the first snow flakes fall.


And then get thicker and larger falling in abundance all around, covering the landscape with fresh wintry snow.


It is a happy feeling.


So white, so beautiful, so heavenly – The first snow and the coming of the Winter Fairy.



Thank you for stopping by, hope your week is being a good one for you,

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

How Hot is It?

Alright, enough already! It is hot, as in hot! I mean it is realllllly HOT! Does everyone get the picture? For the last few weeks and it really seems like forever, it has been 100 degrees or more outside, It is so hot outside that… (insert “how hot is it?)

It’s so hot that…

–          My cats are giving me dirty looks every time I even suggest they go outside for a while!

–          The Weeds aren’t even growing (well that’s a good thing but still…)

–          Jack and Emma are begging to take the usual obligatory “bath”.

–          No one is going anywhere unless they ‘have-to’, you know like to McDonalds so it isn’t necessary to heat up the kitchen. Just joking on that one. Well Actually I’m not!

–          Jack and Emma have been volunteering to wash the cars every few days (playing with the water hose to cool off.)

–          We’ve been considering camels as an alternative transportation mode.

–          The one totally outdoor cat we have won’t go outdoors.

–          And we had a couple of “cool” friends stop by, but that didn’t last long.

Okay actually those are Emma and Jack creations from last winter, when it was cold out, sigh! (Yes the snowcat is Emma’s, Jack is creative but more traditional with his).

Okay, I have that out of my system now. No I don’t. It’s going to be this hot for at least another week.

I guess the last thing to say is it’s so hot I couldn’t find a good photo of me to put here because even my photo’s are sweating. Stay Cool, Penny

Just too darn hot!

Just a little difference

Today is Sunday, a glorious sunlit day.  It’s late morning now, as I slept in having had but little sleep the night before. (See previous post regarding this).

On my morning walk I was accompanied, as always, by my boon companions who likewise are enjoying the day.

During my walk about this morning I noticed an outdoor plant I’ve been woefully negligent about watering. (I’d like to blame the hot hot weather but I’m actually the one that didn’t water the plant. – see accepting responsibility here! 🙂 )

The good news is that as a result of the recent storm the plant received the nourishment it needed.

I wonder how often that’s true of us. We will neglect or be neglected by others and just when thinking it’s too late, God will provide or remind us to do so. Sometimes quietly, sometimes with a great force, but always, always there – Making the little difference that was needed.

My thought of the day – May each of us (most especially me) make a little difference for just one life…today!

Your kidding Right?

So the weather channel is calling our current weather conditions “WESTERN WARMTH“. Warmth? Say again … Warmth? Um that’s the term I use to imply cozy as in comfortable and schmoozy. You know feel good all over. That is so not what’s happening out here. Yesterday it was 107 degrees and today out here, well look at today’s weather forcast and the 86 degrees was at around 9:00 this morning. It’s going to be a balmy 104 today with storms no less:

I decided to recall some “COOLER CLIMES” through some of my photo’s during a retreat in the hills of Chehalem, Oregon.  Worked for me!

I really enjoy the shot of franky and jonny “enjoying?” the view of the “cool” weather. Okay actually they were watching the brave little birds eating while during the falling snow. Here’s hoping you enjoy my take on warm and cool!