The Colors of Our Creative World

First things first, I’d like to wish everyone very happy holidays and a Merry Christmas.

So here’s my why about this thought of the day:

I believe the colors of our imagination are far greater (and mysterious) than simple primary templates such as nature itself illustrates. It’s the greater profusion of multiples of blendings and shadings that actually create the multilayered complexity of life (as we assume it to be).

To share ourselves more fully, when we can, it is then needed to dive deeply into this beautiful and imaginative array of colors. This be where the hidden underbelly of creativity within reality can, perhaps, more fully reveal mysteries we’re surrounded by and a part of but have yet to discover.

Whimsical? Maybe or maybe not. In any event I suggest we color ourselves as beings filled with curious curiosities. Such then may our creative thought and expressiveness be more fully formed, revealed and realized.

I wish you most well, dear creative souls. This means you, of course.

With much affection,

~ Penny

The Undertow of Life’s Flow – How to Cope!

ebb and flow


Ah, the ebbs and flows of our lives.

Pretty much on a regular basis we find ourselves wondering how to cope with the unexpected “new something” that has just occurred, potentially rendering havoc of all manner and kind.

So here’s a thought: Consider becoming more flexible, with both your thinking and your actions or should I say reaction (humans are very reactionary by nature).

Consider adapting to your life experiences instead of rigidly always sticking to a previously determined game plan. There are no guarantees in one’s life. No sure thing. Often you get to where you want to be – by going the (perceived) wrong way!

Who knew?

Well, personally I do have more than just a bit of a clue (Alastair, of “A Mixed Bag” has it on good authority – his own, and I do appreciate the compliment, that I am originally from another planet – perhaps, LOL – where we are ahead of earth beings in various matters) however, regarding the subject of “Going With The Flow”, I believe this is something you should learn for yourself. Don’t take my other worldy word for it.


The next time life leaps up and takes a bite out of you, don’t be so quick to fight it. Look beyond the obvious of what is happening. Is it an opportunity in disguise? Is it a clue to change directions? Is it a hint to pay more attention to a thing that would be beneficial to you in the long run. You can’t know if you stay too restrictive with your decisions, can you?

Just something to think on – at least a little – every now and then – in between your being social correct.

One more thought:

Your Life

“Do remember that in The Book of Life

the Page you’re on … should always be your own.

This is your life … Your Write of Passage” ~ PennyQuote, 2014


A very special friend of mine, Lisa, of Playamart – Zeebra Designs, whose current home is in Ecuador, suggested the following post be added to this one. I agree completely with her. Definitely of value and worth the clicking through and reading! Thank you, Lisa.


Today is my Birthday and I’m in very good company!


Fortuitously for me – my birth date is nestled in-between (exactly 5 days before and 5 days after) two of the most well known American presidents. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The national holiday created to celebrate both of their birthdays occurs in the middle, therefore falling on my birthday giving me a wonderful feeling every time I think about it.

If any of their virtues can rub off on me (even just a little) as the result of proximity of birth dates, I’m a happy camper.

The courage, determination, strength of will and love of country that each repeatedly displayed during the course of their lives makes them men to honor and live up to as an American.

I am proud to be an American and I am proud of my family and fellow Americans.

Happy Birthday George and Abe!

~ Penny,

p.s. – I’m just spoofing with my photo here. although a female president (not me but someone highly qualified) would be a wonderful thing indeed – just saying …

Horton the Elephant – hears a “tardis”

For all you “Dr Who” lovers – a bit of fun! 🙂

Horton-Hears-A-Who-T-Shirt (1)

copyright Nick Holmes

Horton Hears a Tardis

The day started out simply pleasant

In fact Horton knew it was great,

His favoritest meal

the bestest real deal

Was of course a nut full of plates! (actually it’s “a plate full of nuts” but then it wouldn’t rhyme would it. hello?)


Suddenly, Horton hears a strange sounding

and thinks to himself “Oh, no …

Not Whoville again?

They just would not send …

In fact, this time I’ll refuse to go.


But it turns out it wasn’t the Whoville

But rather “Dr Who” that arrived,

In his tardis he came

Horton hardly could blame

The Whovilles for who was inside.


And so Horton looked at the tardis

and then, of course at Doctor Who,

he said “no offense

And don’t think me dense,

but exactly ‘Who are you?’ “


And of course Dr. Who replied “Brilliant”

“What a capital elephant you be,

for though we’ve just met

You already get

The person, of course ‘Who’ is me!”


And Horton looked first at the tardis

And once again at Doctor Who,

Still shaking his head

and wished for his bed

replied one more time “Who? Are you?”


“Yes I am”, the good doctor responded

“And most happy to meet you am I,

If you really don’t mind

and would be so kind

We must wait for the Dalek to arrive.”


Now Horton, as you know is a thinker

Deep thoughts are really his forte,

But Doctor Who was a puzzle

And in a bit of a fuzzle

Horton knew not what to say.


And so Dr. Who told him the story

The Daleks were bad guys, he knew,

So Horton told them (Dr. Who and his companions) to stay

And they left the next day (actually it was longer, but that doesn’t rhyme either),

The tardis, the Daleks, and Dr. Who.


Well Horton was glad when they vanished

Back to whenever they were from,

Now when Horton listens

He’s not listening for a who

but rather the sound of the drums (spoiler).

(you’ve gotta watch the tv series to figure the last line out!)


For all you “Dr. Who” TV fans I hope you enjoyed this little bit of farce! Other individuals who live here (whom, shall remain nameless) have been watching the entire series!)

~ Penny

“A Clever horse” for Friday Fictioneer Folks

Thank you Rochelle for giving writers a weekly writing challenge. Friday Fictioneers presents an opportunity for writers to improve upon their craft of the written word. The challenge: Using a photo to prompt an idea, write an entertaining (hopefully) 100 words or less “flash fiction” short story. It will have a beginning, a middle and an end. This weeks photo prompt by – Douglas M. MacIlroy, copyright 2013


A clever fellow


There once was a horse that was gifted, who (with his teeth) he then lifted, a long water hose so this short story goes, and proceeded to drink as he shifted.

A brilliantly smart horse was he, the talent was inborn you see, His mom, a race horse, and his dad could, of course, count numbers ever since he was three.

The last thing to add here I’ll say, whether it be good or nay, the horse will of course, head to a food source and then will proceed to … eat hay!

Thank you, 🙂

penny l howe

~ Penny

This Post brought to you today by the color Yellow!


Available to you in nature everywhere!

file000989729140What is it about the color yellow that many of us love so much?


I’m guessing primarily because it’s the color of the sun, the light that brightens the sky and our world when it shines.


I think that on a subliminal level we (as living beings) file0001823116947know that our life is dependent upon the sun.


Yellow is a warming color, whether it be the sun or by fire.

Yellow is a cheerful color by it’s very nature. A feel good about yourself sort of color!


file000299512764When I think of the color yellow I think of a multitude of shades.


Subtle shades that sooth “mellow yellow” and vibrant shades that are cheerful and uplifting.


But mostly the color yellow is the color that brightens,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA file1411284428310regardless of the hue or the format being viewed by us.


Yellow provides a contrast to all the other colors surrounding it.


Creatures of all kinds, those in the ocean and those on the land, insects, plants of all kinds, including fruit and vegetables, flowers and much more brighten our day.


Yellow is one of the three primary colors.


So today I give tribute to the color yellow and all it represents.



May the color “yellow” live long and prosper!

~ ~ ~

Still Life in Yellow

Still Life in Yellow

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

penny l howe

If you have a problem with my decision …

perhaps we can finish the discussion – if you’d like to just step back here into my … office … with my associates, I’m sure we can come to some agreement!

RESPONSE: No that’s cool, I’m good, no problem. Everythings cool, okay I’m going now…see no worries…

It’s interesting how with various animals we try to imagine what they must be thinking. On a more upbeat note here is my Franky (all 20+ lbs of him – notice the size of his head relative to my arm) adoring me in the middle of the night! Yup I’m good with that!

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it very much!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe


Ever been caught with your fingers in the proverbial cookie jar?

I thought this photo summed it up rather nicely!

Have a great day, and an even better tomorrow!

~ Penny

~ Penny

Awww-someness to the 4th Degree…

A cup of pooch! A very cute one!

Yes I know, not another one. The thing is, these cute little photos do an amazingly fast job of elevating one’s mood (a happiness quickie so-to-speak lol), for a brief period to be true, still, ya’ just feel good in that moment! Well I do Anyway…So here you go! Awww away!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you leave with a ‘smile’ on your face, or you can deposit same in the comment section, I collect you know! Have a happy day,