Ligo Haibun Challenge ~Mother Nature’s Soliloquy

This week the Ligo Haibun Challenge encourages the writer to write a haibun using one of the two photographs shown here. My entry:

Hai one

You, who frolic and play, and you who look out upon me, beseeching eyes of wisdom so inherent to your breed, I hear you. I move silently among you lingering on the touch of velvet soft skin. I gaze upon your glorious colors, my creations, each a masterpiece of perfection. Each, a place in this world.

I feel anguish, despair, a deepening sadness for your increasing loss of kind. The diminishing of life force. Wanton waste of life. Foolish, foolish humans. Must you suffer while they learn and grow. They my children too, and yet … at what point does there occur a level of attrition where needs be a justifying retribution, the balancing of scales. At what point is the point of no return revealed. Will I know? Will they?

nature’s decree
humanity loses
point of no return
hai two
 Photo credit, Ese Kļava, 2013


Thank you! For more information, and to read the other entries in the Ligo Haibun Challenge click here!

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

~ Penny

Are you hiding?

Come out!

Sure some days are really hard! But hiding doesn’t help anything!


Some days are really good too. It’s the nature of things. In fact take a walk today in nature. In the countryside or a nearby park. If you live near a body of water go there. Throw a rock or two in the water as you walk along the shoreline

Remove yourself from that which seems overwhelming while you expose yourself to that which is raw, real and still beautiful. Face life head on.


Nothing does that better than nature. If it’s raining than grab an umbrella. Seeing things through raindrops is a wonderful experience also. When I lived in Florida I would race to the shore line on stormy days to watch the waves crash into the boulders, I’d get soaked but it didn’t matter because nature was having it’s way with me. And sometimes the best thing to do is to just go with that flow

So come out from hiding, remind yourself why you’re alive, it’s the nature of things!

hiding safely


~ Penny


Todays post brought to you by the color Orange


As you can clearly see this post is brought to you by the color orange.


I’m going to allow the photographs to speak for themselves regarding the rich vibrancy and variety of the color orange.


And yes I did also get side-tracked when picking out “orange photos” by the magnificence of the tiger –

sorry about that!)



Please enjoy nature’s colors of Orange!



















Two things that are often true a picture is worth a thousand words and Orange almost always stands out in a crowd!

~ Thanks, have a great day!