The Spoon or …Your Perception’s Reality!


It was just an ordinary spoon. At first glance, nothing to set it apart from all the other spoons located in the kitchen drawer of utensils.

This spoon did its job with the same exact efficiency as all the other spoons … and yet … there was an undefinable something setting it apart from the other spoons.

Anytime a spoon was needed, this particular spoon would be chosen. The other spoons would be moved aside so this one particular spoon might be obtained.

On many occasions one might hear the words “Where’s the spoon?” or “Has anyone seen the spoon?” And of course those with access to the utensil drawer, where many other spoons resided, nonetheless knew which spoon was being searched for.

So what was it about this particular spoon that made it so compelling? Was it stronger, easier to handle, more attractive or was it simply coveted by one particular person and therefore seemingly more desirable to others?

Honestly, it may have been any or all of the above. But the one truth that is obvious here (and the most important thing to take away from this story) is that to everyone’s perception ~ it was the superior spoon!

“In life experiences, it’s our perception of a thing shaping our thoughts and  subsequently our actions, not the thing itself – more often than not!” ~ Plh

Thank you, may your days ahead be all you would wish for and remember … take care of you, because you do matter!

~ Penny

A Loving Touch ~ pure innocence or life’s learned wisdom!

Young and old


“The very young and the elderly extend a loving touch far better than many. Either from purity of action or a greater understanding of the importance of love. 

~ Penny L Howe, 2014

One is innocence, intuitively reaching out. The other, acquired wisdom reaching out to knowingly make a caring difference. A good idea to spend time reflecting on this!


Have a wonderful day today, many blessings to you and your family on a day of Thanks giving!

With affection,


Seeking A Proper Place


“Curiously Committed to Seeking”

Is there a proper place where we should be?

There are those who seek knowledge for the purpose of knowing a thing for it’s own sake. The curious ones.

There are those who seek power so they might control the lives of others.

There are those who seek wisdom so they might increase the nature of their own understanding, using this learned knowledge to assist both themselves and others in life’s travails.

There are those who seek to follow others. Their place being to dwell among those who wait to be lead by other seekers.


“Seeking Fearful Refuge”

Seeking has its dangers. It can come with confrontation, disappointments, and betrayal, for there are many who fear seekers. Holding them in the same fearful regard as the unknown.

Curious seekers may fear the unknown, but their desire to discover, understand and explore the unknown is greater than the sum of their fears.

And finally there are those who both seek and follow. Alternating their course of action during their life experience depending on choices made.

For all of us, the seekers, non-seekers and those in between, there is still a sameness of purpose. A single thing desirable to all of us, whether the thought be subconscious or at the forefront of our minds.

We all desire to know of the proper place where we should be, where we belong …


” … but where ever the place may be, no matter our differences

– we do belong together!”

Celebrate Earth Day – Be green!

Grasshopper Posing!

He sat there posing so nicely, I couldn’t resist. This is a photograph taken last summer. I stepped outside and there he was …ready for his close-up, so I obliged.


And then I was reminded of this scene from a television show. Master ‘Po’ is teaching a student ‘Caine’, in a monastery, a lesson:

Master Po: Close your eyes. What do you hear?
Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.
Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?
Caine: No.
Po: Do you hear the grasshopper which is at your feet?
Caine: Old man, how is it that you hear these things?
Po: Young man, how is it that you do not?

I wonder what we miss because we aren’t really listening? Our planet is calling to us. Do you here her?


Thanks for stopping by, have a great Earth Day!

~ Penny

Are you aging or “getting old” … Boomer Bloggers!

Its time to start rethinking the “Obsolescence of Value” because of Age!

Statistically speaking, it is amazing how many are aging on this planet – right now! In many countries on our planet, almost one third of the population is over the age of 50.

Take the United Kingdom for example: in a report called Later Life in the United Kingdom (released August, 2013), the one third percentage holds true. There are more people aged 60 and above than there are under the age of 18.

55% of those surveyed considered themselves in the getting old category. They believe age discrimination exists, and that as you age, you are treated more as a child and they feel the country fails to make good use of the skills and talents of older people. In many countries this is a universal truth.

Let’s look at another country. According to the United States Census Bureau’s World and USA population clock there are roughly 316,500,000 citizens in this country (right now). And the largest age group in that number are those that are 50 and older! More than 100 million! Do the math!

In the two largest countries on the planet, China and India the aging populations are (the research was a little more complicated) in China, there are roughly 194 million people over the age of 60. This number is predicted to increase to 440 million by 2050. India, according to the India Demographics Profile, has approximately 150 million over the age of 50.

In Russian, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America we find the same number of increased aging statistics. We are living longer, everywhere. But we haven’t changed our mindset on how we view older humans. It’s long past time to do so.

The aging human being brings a wealth of experience and potential wisdom to the mix. Many who are retiring are still active and I believe with the right incentives would continue to play a role and involvement in the workforce, their local community and country. In turn giving them a purpose that would strengthen their own resolve to stay healthier.

Remember, these numbers aren’t going away, in fact they are increasing daily. This substantial group of people could make a positive difference in the economic climate we currently find ourselves.

What can we do?

Let’s start with how you view yourself or an aging relative or friend. Mindset is everything! Getting old seems to imply being sickly, incompetent and needy. Certainly that is true for some, but not the many … Not yet anyway!

The dynamic potential that would happen by encouraging a re-emergence from the talent, knowledge, and experience of the “aging population” is unimaginable and (which btw is responsible for many of the technological creations and advancements being used today by us all) … so very doable and possible!

Think about it!

~ Penny


Pearls of Wisdom ~

There are so many quotes on wisdom, and although the words vary, the themes tend to stay the same. Here then are encapsulated versions of thousands of quotes on wisdom – their core meanings and essence!


pearls of wisdom


Wise people continue to doubt themselves (and that’s part of what makes them wise).


Knowledge is one thing, wisdom quite another.


Wisdom happens more from mistakes and failures than success.


Wisdom is a function of time and experience.


Wise people are humble. There is no such thing as someone
who is both arrogant and wise.


Wisdom and it’s quest breed kindness and compassion.


Wisdom is mutually incompatible to fear. In fact
it’s what enables a person to overcome fear.


Wisdom is positively related to happiness.


And there you have it! A summation of “quoted words of wisdom” that “the many” have said in their own unique way over these many years, Hope you enjoyed!

~ Penny


The amazing and true value from the words of a child!


It’s amazing how many very wise things a child says because he or she hasn’t yet been taught or told not to question.

Take a listen sometime soon when a child asks a question, you might be pleasantly surprised by the common sense intelligence and true love and and caring compassion that comes out of them, in their longing to know and understand people and life!

Thank you,


“Did you really think it would be easy…

The complexity of life

... Growing up, Being successful?”


Because I did, well maybe not that I thought about it exactly in those terms … but I did assume that most things would go the way I had decided they should go – WRONG!


First Lesson:

If it can go wrong it will!

“Well okay then. No worries. I’ll just start over and all will be as it should be”WRONG!


Second Lesson :

See first lesson in life!

“Alright. I’ve got it now. I know what to do.”

“I’m assuming that it is going to be a little harder perhaps, required a little more effort on my time.”WRONG!


Third Lesson:

Don’t ever take anything for granted or assume things, ever!

“So, it seems that almost everything I try seems to be turning out exactly the opposite of what I thought would happen!”You are correct.

And beginning to learn life’s lessons.

Final lesson in life and the key to success:

Getting up

one more time

Than you fall down!

Regardless of how many times your fall!


Thank you for your visit I hope your week is a good one!

~ Penny

The Thing with Shadows

I love looking at shadows, which is interesting because I was afraid of them as a child. Now I have an endless fascination with shadows. It’s like their hiding secrets somehow, things not quite visible to the eye, not quite.

They are illusionary. There is this instant connection to the unknown, mysterious – great for ones’ imagination.

For that reason shadows have always been great subject matter for both photographers and writers.

And shadows can be beautiful to look at, depending on the casting.

But I also find that Shadows are filled with meaning.

Take this shadow here for example it casts a silhouette of the person standing there and that shadow is not going anywhere.

It will stay exactly where it is, attached to the person. A shadow by its very nature cannot let go.

But when the person turns away from the shadow and faces the light … it’s gone.

I think life is a little like that, the shadows in life that cling that we can’t seem to make go away. Remember that a shadow in and of itself does not know how to let go.

It is the change in direction that makes the difference. As it is in nature, so it is in life.

Everyone have a happy Sun-day, one with no shadows. ♥

An Attitude about Platitudes

“These are but clouds unobstructed and high, fingers of clouds reaching up through the sky, they reach without stopping – then so can I.” – Penny L Howe

Ah, those lovely quotes, those beautiful saying, those uplifting words. We love them, need them and appreciate them. But they are only words if we are passive with our acknowledgement. They become mere platitudes.

And, so, today I ask you…

Are you up for it? I’m being serious now. Are you up for the challenge of Life? Because it’s going to come at you with both barrels fully loaded. It’s going to knock you sideways and do everything in its power to keep you down, so you better be ready.

Are you ready? Do you have the spirit that moves? The drive? The will?

I’ve tasted it, Life! Full rich flavors of bitter and sweet, laid out in shades and contours effecting all the senses. I’ve known betrayal, unanticipated tragedy, the cruelty of cruelties, the sorrow of loss, the endurance of pain, the emptiness, the unbearable knowledge of feeling you can’t go on, not for one more day… yes, I’ve tasted every single one of those flavors and so much more.

I’ve felt joy and love. Experienced kindness and generosity. Met greatness and been humbled.

Life is a gift, you know. It’s yours, to do with it what you will. You cannot control events that happen to you but you can control what you do about them. It’s your choice. And yes, it-always-does-come-down to-that. Your choice.

So I ask once more – are you up for it? For living life for all that it can be! For being more than you ever thought possible? It’s inside you right now. Just waiting to come out. Waiting to breathe, waiting to be! It’s up to you now, I believe in me and I believe in you and that my friend is all that matters!

Submitted with love, Penny.


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