A World of Friends Is Just The Right Amount!


A World of Friends

While we’re not acquainted – at least not yet,
you’re still my friend, even though we’ve not met.
I value our friendship, and reach out my hand,
even though all are strangers – in quite different lands!
Each day an adventure, as life’s journey we take,
if we travel together, oh the friends we shall make.
We’re a company of strangers, but not for long,
let’s build more relations – this will make us strong.
We do need each other, so we can survive,
weathering the storms, we’ll all stay alive.
Overcome our fears, our worries, concerns,
counting on each other – that’s how we will learn.
By needing each other … the seeds we can sow,
through sharing and giving – that’s how we will grow.
I reach out my hand, to you on this day –
“Hello my friend … are you going my way?”
Penny L Howe, 2014
Hoping everyone’s week is proceeding well.
Take care of you,
~ Penny 

Blogging for our lives – filling creative needs and desires!

Credit line: © Alexaldo | Dreamstime.com

Blogging (in it’s truest form) is three separate things rolled into one. I) A palette or template for us to create or view (feeding the creative soul). II) A method of communicating our thoughts, emotions and creative endeavors (sharing our creative souls) and III) a conduit for directly connecting with other like minded people (helping us to fill our need for uncritical companionship (mostly, lol) so we don’t feel so alone in the “life” of things.)

All forms of social media “online”, do accomplish one or more of these. However it does seems as if blogging has the ability to combine all three better than any other Internet media platform. Most especially, the “alone-ness” that all of us have (more or less).

The truth is, In spite of all the connectivity (online) – we are lonely today. Disenfranchised from many traditional connections that used to be a part of daily routines that we, our parents and their parents grew up with. And a sad true is that while the online connections ease these lonely feelings, they can also foster them.

It’s safer (emotionally) and easier to communicate from a screenCredit line: © Dario Lo Presti | Dreamstime.com (computer, iphone, etc.). The quick “Twitter and Facebook” FIX and the more leisurely blog interactions remind us we are not alone and that we can instantly share our thoughts and opinions about what others are saying and doing while we also present new thoughts and ideas continuously adding to whole “instant connectivity” of things.

The result of which is when we aren’t doing this “instant connecting” we’re lonelier. Why? Because for those brief bursts of interactions we did feel “connected” a part of a larger whole. Having a voice, making a difference, no matter how small. And that … well, it’s very important to us. To be heard. To “matter”. And so the addictive “online” personality develops within us – feeding our soul while longing for even more!

So where do we go with this? I’m thinking we need to keep blogging and being creative and sharing and interacting. We, social media active people are the next step towards a global unity … commonness of cause. In the bottom line of things, we are making a difference and … it is extending into the offline world even as we are continuing to create, connect and Credit line: © Alexmillos | Dreamstime.comvoice our concerns and needs.

We (that’s you too) are making a “huge” as in H-U-G-E difference! So my wonderful blogging friends, please feel good about your blogging and our blogging community. Keep creating and sharing and reaching out! I’m loving it and many, many others are too!

I hope you’re having a excellent weekend of things (rainy here – but I love the rain so am thoroughly enjoying the sounds of rain falling while I write this post to you! 🙂

~ Penny

Your Written Words – A “Simple” Universal Truth!

jdurhamWhen we express ourselves through our written words, sometimes we add to the meaning of a reader’s understanding. But our blogging words aren’t necessarily the truth, or a fact. Just us expressing our perspective of our own understanding on the topic.

Therefore, when others read our words their interpretation may be different from what we meant to convey. As a result you may think to yourself (when you read the comments in your comment section)  … ” that’s not what I meant, or that’s not what I meant to say. Or “you don’t understand”.

Communication – that which connects all humans at a primeval level can and often does break down. This can occur with the spoken word as well.

In addition, all languages (around the world) structure their words according to ethnology (origin, history and characteristics of their race) and while there may be similarities, many aspects of the written word translate into different meanings, comprehensions and understandings.

So, while our purpose is to communicate with others (our thoughts, ideas, worries and concerns) depending on the readers focus, his/her personal life experiences to date, their own mindset from these experiences, and their understanding of the language, they may miss the intended meaning the writer was attempting to convey.

Sometimes communicating your thoughts and feelings in your blog, may be exceedingly difficult. When this occurs. Simplify your expressions. Go back to a few basic words. Some words are universal in their meaning and understanding. Words like Love and Hate. Good and Bad. Less and More. Sharing. Selfish. Indifference. War. Peace. Death. Life. Balance. Caring –

“One People! One Planet – One!”
Penny L Howe, 2013

It is ironic that the most profound thoughts are almost always expressed in the simplest manner. Then again perhaps proving the “truth” to this article.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.
~ Penny

Will Our Lives Be Lost In Time ~ like tears in the rain?

“Life … A Masterpiece from the Palette of the Universe”

Life …

…We are the recipients!

And…we need reminded of this!

I saw a movie once, a favorite – “Blade Runner”, (a Science fiction thriller, dark and forboding) – the future. There is a scene at the end of the movie where one of the characters says words that are so piercingly moving and true that I’ve never forgotten them.

“Life lost  in time – is like tears in the rain”

The video below “reminds” us of life – it’s beauty and it’s value. You can hear the words (from the movie’s scene) in the background. Please, please watch (just a few minutes) listen to the words, see the beauty and

… be reminded!

Music from Vangelis – “Tears in the Rain” and spoken words both from the movie “Blade Runner”. This gorgeous video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pql82_hMBxY was created by Antoss1, he was inspired after watching the same scene of which I spoke.


WE are life’s recipients …

WE hold the future in our hands …

WE need to remind and be reminded … Again and again until we (all of us) understand!

All the tomorrow’s that will ever be are being created even as I write this.

We are the ones deciding what life will be in our futures. Our choices … the choices … have never been more important than they are today.


Consider this as you go about your day’s routine today. What is really important to you in life? What really matters? These are things to ponder and weigh in your heart of hearts.

We hold the future in our hands…”We hold the future in our hands“!

We, The Recipients of Life

We hold the future “their futures” … in our hands!


Thank you for stopping by, may your day be blessed with happiness and positive thoughts for the future my friends,


Streaming Consciousness … Sharing the love!

From one blogger (myself) to all other bloggers in this wide and diverse world of ours! A message just for you.


We are a special group, aren’t we? Those who blog. Those who write. Those who create. Those who capture an image, feel a feeling, express a thought and then share of ourselves through the medium of online technology today … our streaming consciousness! The essence of our soul pouring forth.

We are wonderfully talented and inside there is so much more. We want to give, we care with such a passion .. and … we need this ourselves (more desperately than we think anyone realizes)…

… And so I send, most especially to you ~ peace, love and a true sense of security to you on this gentle Sunday. Be safe and secure – my personal wish for you today ~ know you are loved.

~ Penny


The Nature of our Natures


What is yours?



There are the thinkers and the soft spoken too.

And then there’re the loud ones, it seems quite a few.


There are the happy and joyful, who’re just filled with glee,

The serious who pontificate … “to not or to be”!



There are those very weary and tired so it seems

And when I’m around them, I’m yawning in reams.


There are those always angry and spit-firing mad,

The lonely, disheartened, bedraggled and sad.



The Nature of our nature is unique to us each

A prune, grape, or raisin, an apple or peach.


We may think and act different, still each is the same

Because under our natures we all of us came …



… From the very same place,

… The blue planet in space,

… it’s home to us – The Human Race!

So please no more fuss

Because the US is … ALL of US!

~ Penny L. Howe, 2013


Thanks for the visit, I broke a few rules of poetry with this one to make a point! Have a good one this weekend!

~ Penny


copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe

Our Tomorrows … Suspended on a sunbeam


We humans live on the planet we call Earth.

It is a most noble planet indeed housing a myriad of life forms. An immense amount of life abounds on this majestic planet called Earth. A small blue seemingly inconsequential speck to the Universe.

But to me it is the most amazing and glorious life sustaining planet of all.


My home, The planet Earth!

I will cherish, preserve and respect all life within my ability to do so. And I know I am not alone. These things I will do, I shall do in the company of my fellow humans for all the todays and tomorrows that we have.



Thank you,

~ Penny


The Way ~ for the Future!


Is there a “Way” to be?

A way to live our lives today and tomorrow that will enrich both ourselves and all that we do?

Perhaps there is! Here’s something for you to consider, what if there was a way?

The Way” might have 7 rules. Well not actual rules (I’m rather weary of rules myself) as much as perhaps a relearning of methods or patterns in howfile000701999919 we do what we do during the process of living our lives.


The Beginning – A very basic level of understanding (about ourselves) is the beginning.

An attitude of awareness, and acceptance to want to hear and believe how we act/react and why (cause and effect).


Next is Balance. Within you is a ‘fulcrum’. A support, a center point of rest, on which everything (your emotions, thoughts, actions) moves around. “Maintaining yourself in a manner that keeps you balanced is the key.”


file0001326995371Third – is to Simplify, have clarity of thought.

Clearness to focus and concentrate. When life or things become convoluted and complex, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to accomplish that which you have set out to do. Without being clear within yourself you cannot be balanced.


Fourth – Be Open with your actions!. Sharing while listening, Giving while being open to receiving, Needingfile1801281015946 while being there for others.


Being open in the give and take of life experiences!


Fifth – Acceptance when confronted with things and people that are hurtful, know that there is that which you can not change. Be true to yourself even as you are there for others.


file000767348141Fullness is sixth, embracing life with large deep breaths and then filling yourself with all that sustains you and life!.


Giving is seventh. To Love Unconditionally is to give freely.


All we are is contained within the above. The more complex, the morefile000453698099 convoluted, the more closed, the more secretive and apart from … the more doubt, the more suspicion, the more fear …

The less accepting, the more rejecting … the more empty, the more loneliness…


Go back to the beginning.

Understand your attitude and balance yourself. Remember everything evolves around how you decide to feel about things including yourself.


Cause and effect … your thoughts, your emotions, your actions/reactions swirling around inside you.

Life, nature, you and I, tomorrow, the future …


The Way? Balance!


Thank you,

~ Penny


A pathway of friends


pathway (the meaning):  A track or passage way for walking made clearer and stronger by continual treading. Such a way or track is often designed for a particular purpose: “a nature path”.

In my world view (of life, love and good things)  a group of friends (online and off) would be called “a pathway of friends”.   to be seen as ever expanding and growing – the tread of meeting continuous new friends never ends, creating more and often used pathways and so on.


My pathway of friends

I have found them everywhere among my travels through life. I have found them near at hand when I but hlooked up and saw them standing there.

My pathway of friends is a precious gift I cherish with all my heart and as paths go it seems to me that this pathway will become a road of much use.

The road will become so mighty that there will be bridges made so the pathway of friends can cross over any troubled waters with no difficulty.

And these mightiest of roads will indeed turn into freeways and expressways of friends, so many that the pathways encompass the planet leaving no friend behind, no friend not heard from, no friend forgotten, no friend alone.

My pathway of friends is an amazing path because it grows and expands at will. There is no deterrent that stops it, for it grows from love and it grows from hope and it grows from faith and I believe we all have those in abundance.

Yes it is all that I can wish and believe it will be

and I am pleased with the ever growing and expanding pathway of friends.

Thank you,



Copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe