Yeah I know, Gorilla in the room … again?

a gorilla


“See the thing is even though I know “as the 800 lb gorilla in the room” I’m mostly invisible (to various politicians), well actually I don’t think I’m invisible as much as I’m inconvenient. You know – the inconvenient truth of it all!”

“I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I’m guessing that there are a bazillion other ‘every day people’ out there who are having the same trouble sleeping that I am … for the same reason.”

“So we’ve got a new year going for us. Time of change and all that, but the thing I started to say is, changea gorilla also needs to start with you guys!”

“Big time, in a big way … because the truth is we’re running out of it!”

“Time that is! Not a lot left, actually none.”

“Seriously a huge deficit where time is concerned, so the only thing we’ve got going for us is CHANGE. I can spell the word if you’re having trouble understanding.”


“Not just a little change, but a whole bunch of huge change where super charged ego’s and powerful megalithic corporate entities don’t get in the way. The laid back, ‘everything’s going to be just fine’ approach isn’t working so well!”

“Yes I know a dichotomy where you guys are concerned but, we’re already in trouble and need some serious changes in how we do what we do in this country. So there you have it, once more … timely comments that aren’t really timely any more … but better late than never!”


Thank you for stopping by! I wouldn’t have revisited the political arena if I wasn’t extremely concerned about the well-being of my home and yours!

~ Penny

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Worries ~ a bedtime companion? … Not Necessarily So!

So many worries ...

So many worries …

When you wake in the morning are your first thoughts grateful and happy ones or are they the worries that you took to bed with you the night before?

Worries do that you know! Take them with you to bed and they will patiently wait for you in the morning (assuming they let you sleep) to begin anew their assault on your emotions.

Taking your concerns and worries to bed with you is a habit. Yes there is always one or more “somethings” that will need to be dealt with. But going to an emotional place and dwelling on them does not solve anything. Stewing over them in bed is a sleep killer.


Change the constant worry habit. Try to put your worries to bed first. Come up with a creative way of laying them aside until the next day. Constant worrying changes nothing, and it competes with your conscious ability to problem solve.

So thought of the day: Before retiring; listen to music, read a bit of a book, do a work-out, take a warm bath, do something pleasant with a partner (like a discussion … ahem!). Just anything that will remove those worrisome thoughts from the forefront.



BREAK THE NIGHT TIME WORRY HABIT! Do try to save those worries for the day! When you are fully rested.


Thank you for visiting me today, have a worry free evening and good night’s rest tonight!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe