Being an Artist … the good … the hard … the special!

file0002058071745Chances are if you’re reading this you’re an artist. With words, or with a camera, a brush, digital technology, the musical note, acting, singing, dancing, and/or with a hundred other creative endeavors.

You’re an artist and you “feel things” deeply inside! And you feel the need to express those feelings. At the same time you are not terribly good at expressing yourself when it comes to your talent, your artistry. And you are insecure about what people will say or think – but you still want to know, a dichotomy of wishes,dreams and desires. You really want others to know you and what you are doing. And often you wait for some one else to acknowledge your talent before you acknowledge it for yourself!

In the blogging world, don’t wait for someone to “find” you. Go find them first. Let them discover youh because you’ve given them a pathway to follow. The path is your comments in the comment section of their blog. You’ve read their words, viewed and listened to their talent and appreciated them.

In return they will come to check you out. You’re special and so are they. A mutual admiration society. And if they are too busy to follow you frequently than understand that too. It is a fact in the blogging world, some have more time than others.

Share your gift freely when you blog and embrace the talent being given by others! It works. It really does! Keep the specialness of you alive by sharing it with others.

I should know I’m an Artist too and feel the same way you do. Good luck,

~ Penny


The Cherished Secret …

The Shadows of Twilight


She clutched the object tightly, fiercely. It was hers. Her secret. It belonged to no one but her. She would not share. Not this. Most especially not this!

Her breathing was ragged. she’d been running through the woods for quite a while. She’d stopped to catch her breath. Was she far enough away? Would anyone notice she was gone? Could she look at what she held in her hands now?

She pulled it against her chest. So very precious, It just took her breath away to think on it. No not yet, noone must know what she possessed. She’d guard her secret to the death if need be.

She hadn’t realized what life could be until she held it in her hands and witnessed it, until she felt the warmth travel through her body, filling her emptiness up inside. She was still amazed at the tingling sensation in her body she felt from the thrill of it all.

Her, a nobody really in the whole scheme of things, her life so empty, with such uneventful sameness, day in and day out, but now … this. Hers to cherish, hers to relish. Only hers!


The box carrying her treasure was small in size. Made from ordinary wood, nothing special in that, but inside, oh ‘sweet heavens above’, what lay inside. She sat down on a mossy covered rock, surrounded by other rocks of green. She laid the box on her lap.

Starring at the small closed container, she waited for night to descend. She needed to embrace being alone. She would share this moment with none other than the shadows of twilight surrounding and closing in on her.


It was almost dark, just barely enough to see, she needed to open the box and look inside, remove what it held. So very amazingly wonderfully important, and hers!

She unclasped the latch and slowing lifted the lid. She looked inside. There it  was laying on the bottom. Such a small thing. Who could know, who could have ever imagined? With trembling fingers she lifted it out of the box. Holding it tenderly in her hands she stared at it once again in disbelief.


The piece of paper she held in her hands had but three words on it, words she had coveted her entire life … YOU ARE LOVED!


Thanks for stopping by to visit, may your days ahead be filled with love!

~ Penny