Do you love me, yes or no?

By jade

Some questions are more important than others. I’m sure you’ve noticed this in life.

When my daughter was old enough to write sentences, (about 4 – she was in the first grade when she was 5). Whenever she thought she might be or did get into trouble I would find a folded up piece of paper with the same question on it.

There were always two boxes that she would add and I always had the choice of putting an “x” in either box.

Of course I always marked the ‘yes’ box. These notes continued until her teens at which point she determined my love was “unconditional” for the rest of our lives. Of course.

My point here “Unconditional Love” is so incredibly important in life. You see, it’s that other box and the potential of a “no” that can be so frightening for a child. Love should never be used as a leverage point. There should be no doubt!

And yes, as an adult loving unconditionally, does lay you open for potential hurt, but it is still the only way that love should be given – unconditionally. Life is too special for any other answer!

Hope your week is going well,

~ Penny

YES, YES, YES – 2,500+ times yes!


In a world of my own making – imagination, (where as you know all sorts of wonderful thoughts can happen) less than a year ago I began to seriously blog and along the way …

I discovered YOU!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Almost 50,000 visits in a little over 10 months, 2,500+ followers and most importantly – new friends, many new lovely, wonderful and talented friends!


In my imagination this is us celebrating as we come together in our blogging community to share with one another!


You have no idea how lucky I feel to know all of you. To read your amazing posts, sharing brilliantly constructed storys, viewing beautiful photography, videos, and illustrations, revealing important information, baring your soul, inspiring and promoting love and positivity, and being your own creative selves in the process!

I am blessed and I thank you with all the love that I am capable of sharing. At a time when I was recovering from a (several years) series of personal tragedies, I began writing and there you were to cheer me up, to encourage and lighten the heaviness in my heart and desperate longing – to be with, a part of – something special. Something larger than my own small concerns and woes.

You have accomplished all this and so much more.

Thank you again for sharing your many gifts of love, grace, humor, and talent.

Thank you for caring, thank you for giving, and mostly

thank you for being you!

…YES, some days the cup does run over!

And because I do want to leave ’em laughing I’ll end my yes post with the most amazing series of YES’s ever! Enjoy:


~ Penny