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When I think of ink, scribes come to mind. Industrious, hardworking individuals who over the millennium painstakingly wrote down historical happenings for the preservation of events and beliefs of the time. Even today if one thinks about ink (unless you’re a printer) you associate it with the writer and his or her written words.

Originally, every written word laid down by a scribe was a work of art, not just the words themselves but also the beauty of their hand written script and scholarly works of art referred to as illuminated manuscripts.

Ink is life’s blood or liquid essence to writer/artisans. It always has been and always will be. Where would Shakespeare or Mozart have been without ink? Yes ink, containing within its elements the amazing magic to convert creative thoughts and ideas into physical reality. And that’s pretty darn awesome, if you ask me. (writer and an artist)


Recently I was contacted by Global Scribes™ (A nonprofit organization which fosters global unity by connecting youth to build cultural understanding and worldwide community through the beauty and the power of the written word). As a result, I have participated in a few creative writing projects for them. Including the short piece you just read “INK”.

If, like myself you are interesting in helping a  nonprofit group that fosters and actively encourages creativity in our youth around this amazing planet of ours, I strongly recommend you become involved as well. Contact them at Global Scribes™ . You won’t regret it. Global Scribes is new, young, flexible and appreciating all of the help they can get growing Awareness and Participation. 

Most sincerely,

Penny L Howe

Haibun of Spring – To Lay in the Meadow


To lay down in the meadow is to recall youthful days running wild and free throughout the countryside. Surrounded by mountains, the valley where I lived as a child is uniquely nestled in a protected area where the weather (for the most part) is mild and residents are blessed with four distinct seasons, each a favorite of mine. About the time I’d tire of one season the next would arrive in all its glory.

In late spring, early summer wildflowers are in full bloom, grassy meadows soft to lay on and I … I lay midst blooming sweet clover, limbs spread wide contemplating absolutely nothing at all, except perhaps blue sky over head and a few puffy white clouds floating by.

Did you know if you take the little purplish colored clover buds and pull them away from the base of the flower putting them on your tongue, there is a sweet nectar taste to them. Fun.

Bird song is everywhere with croaking little mint green frogs from a nearby stream adding to the melody of life. It is heaven to me, all is right and as I recall this today, it is still a truth. To lay down in the meadow embracing life and nature, in that moment … all is right with the world.

nectar so sweet

a meadow land of wonder

the rightness of life


Thanks for stopping by, I hope your enjoyed my haibun. For those of you who would like to try your hand at writing ‘haibun style’ check out Alastair’s Haibun Thinking, a weekly haibun writing challenge. Click here for more information.

Have a great weekend and take care of you.

with affection,

~ Penny

Act’s of Kindness: Loose Change, A Caring Caregiver,

… A Thoughtful Youth, and another little bird!

It’s Sunday so this means it’s time to present Acts of Kindness that have been shared with me by others, this past week! I have four new ones to share with you.

In the first Act of Kindness, loose change and a caring stranger make the difference for RoSy – of Sharing me myself and i – and her girls. In her own words:

“Just today I received an act of kindness. It was girls day out. My daughters, my niece, & me were going to hop on a local trolley ride. The driver couldn’t make change for the bill I had to pay with & I didn’t have enough small change to pay for our rides. As we were walking away – a lady said that she had some change & if it made enough for our fare with the change that I did have that we could have it. With her change & my change – we had enough for the trolley ride (with a few pennies to spare)!”
Small change made for big smiles —> :D :D :D :D

file000853215458In the second act of kindness, Tez shares a special moment with a very special caregiver, her story:

“This week I experienced an act of kindness from my Home and Community Carer, Carol, who is a lovely woman. She brought me a packet of my favourite biscuits, which we shared with a cup of tea and, of course, a good old natter. She takes such good care of me and is always so kind. I’m very lucky.” Its one thing to do a job, quite another to really care and make a special difference in someone’s life. I agree with Tez, Carol is a lovely woman.

file9571342883720In the third act of Kindness, When Sharla was reading the act of kindness by Lesley Fletcher of Inspiration Import who shared her moving story of saving the life of a little bird last Sunday, it reminded Sharla of her encounter while photographing a nest of baby mockingbirds shared on her blog Catnipoflife posted on July 17.  “In checking on the these newborn ‘babies’ a few days later, there was one left in the nest so I captured a photo. Today, I checked again and the nest was empty. In turning to walk away, I glanced toward the ground and saw the tiny bird on the ground. The click of yet more photos stirred the baby so I knew it was alive. I thought about the tiny baby on the ground for most of the day. With storm clouds gathering and rain in the midst, I ventured out at dusk gently lifting the tiny soul (with gloves on, of course) and placing it back in its nest. I know Mother Nature has a way of taking care of its own but something compelled me to help this new life…maybe it was the impending storm.” A helping hand for a new little bird, is a noble gesture. Thank you Sharla!

file000767348141In the fourth Act of Kindness Lisa shares a story of her young son’s concern for the safety of an elderly neighbor after a recent series of Earthquakes in New Zealand (thinking not of himself but of others) recently, Her words: on her blog of July 22nd: ACT OF KINDNESS FROM MY BOY!

“I’m so proud of my boy he went over to our 86 yr old neighbour to check she hadn’t fallen and all was ok how cool is that ….very proud mom of him! As she should be, a wonderful act of kindness by a caring young man!”


Thank you to each, for taking a few minutes to share these acts of kindness. I’d love to hear of an act of kindness you were involved with or have heard about.

At the top of this page you’ll see the title Acts of Kindness. In the comment section: share your story. Next Sunday I will pass your story on to my readers. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then I hope you have an excellent week filled with many acts of kindness.



“The Shy Butterfly” is Published


The Shy Butterfly

The Shy Butterfly is published. Now available at As I write this announcement there are tears running down my face. When I first wrote this story six years ago, the inspiration for the story (which I shared with him at the time) was Duane Brownlee. My daughter’s husband.

the brownlee familyA man endowed with an amazingly happy outlook on life and people. His, a gentle positive attitude about living each day to the fullest. This then was Duane. Three years ago on the weekend of his son’s tenth birthday, Duane was struck and killed by a drug using motorist, just several blocks from his home. I was there, a tragic traumatic event, his family’s lifeDad with children changed forever.

They’ve carried on. Filled with the memories of his loving and happy nature living within each of them.

This book is dedicated to Duane and all my monies received from the sale of the book go to this family for the now and future of their financial needs.

The book is about a shy butterfly afraid to come out of the shadows of a forest and live life in the sunshine. He meets a beautiful Monarch butterfly who encourages him to be brave and step out into the sunlight, to see what he’s been missing, to fully appreciate and enjoy his life.

Currently the book can be purchased and read on all kindle apps. I’ve discovered I like to view this story on my personal computer using kindle cloud. Any device that supports the kindle app will be able to view the wonderful colorful illustrations by Debbie Edwards as they read the words to the story. It is an uplifting story filled with all the positive reasons a child and an adult should brave the everyday challenges of life with a full heart and happy outgoing attitude.

illustration by debbie edwards

The book is available at all Amazon websites around the world. Thank you in advance for those of you who purchase this book.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Friday’s Child

little girl
What are you thinking my darling
in that devious little mind
What’s going on in that head of yours
If I seek what will I find
Why do you look so mysterious
with your clever little grin
I can tell you’ve got something going on
But will I lose or will I win
If you didn’t look so adorable
and clever in your pose
I’d be more concerned with my thinking
than adoring your turned up nose
Are you about some mischief
Should I worry, even care
Or laugh because you are playful
A happy child – so gloriously fair
The innocence of youth is powerful
And gone much too soon today
I’ll embrace and enjoy in your gaming
Yes, I’ll laugh and savor this day
~Penny L Howe, 2013

 Friday’s Child is “loving and giving”… This line is from the English poem “Monday’s Child” A rhyme first recorded in A. E. Bray’s Traditions of Devonshire in the year 1838.  

My version and poem for this ‘day of the week’ child came to mind as I viewed this little girl’s mischievous expression in the photograph. Hope you enjoyed, Have an excellent weekend.

Thanks for stopping by,


penny l howe


Aging Well or the Fountain of Youth – Part 3

For the third secret of staying young we are going to the wild side. The wild side I am referring to is – Nature!  Did you think I meant something different (hmmm)? Well that’s okay too, also very good for longevity. (I’m not suggesting I knew where you were going with that comment, just saying…you know! lol)

Seriously there are several important lessons to be learned from nature. The word of the day for longevity is “S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g”. Yes, sounds like another easy one doesn’t it. But we have the same problem with stretching that we had with breathing. Today many of us are more inactive physically and for longer periods of time.

There isn’t a mammal on the planet (in the wild or otherwise) that doesn’t instinctively stretch when it gets up from a prone or still position, Immediately. They stretch the largest muscles in their body because it is the natural thing to do to losen up. To be more flexible, to be prepared, at a moment’s notice,to move quickly. They can do this because they have made their body limber by stretching.

A muscle that is used infrequently begins to atrophy.

That is to say it becomes inactive and when the brain sends a message to this stiff muscle it may respond in the moment but it will let you know the next day how badly it feels (full bore). I think we can all relate to that one.

One of the things I do faithfully when I rise in the morning is stretch, every single day.

I will also stretch again during the day prior to doing something of a more physical nature. It makes a huge difference. I do not have stiff muscles, even though I have done very few “work-outs” in the last few years due to other commitments, I do stretch and I stay limber…just in case!

If you have health issues always speak with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity. I recommend the mayo clinic’s slide show of 10 basic stretches.

So there you have it my friends, if I can do this at the age of 65 (if you haven’t read them here is part 1 and part 2) than so can you. Stretching (by the way) is good for all ages and if you can’t stretch all of your body, (because of physical limitations) stretch the parts you can. Your body will thank you for it.

Have a great day and keep stretching! Penny

Aging Well or The Fountain of Youth! – part 1

Today at the river!

This is a 5-part series on being young (thank you Chris9911) I’m hoping my readers will enjoy! There are 5 things that keep us young in life. Most important is our attitude about ourselves and our body.

The human body’s function of aging is about several kinds of things going on all at once. The mechanisms of the body (circulation, functioning of organs, hormonal activites, movements of skeletal and muscular structure and the synaptic energy of emitted thoughts and emotions from the brain) See wasn’t that easy (insert the word “huh?” here).

translation below (lol)

For most of us our body will do what we ask or need it to do subconsciously (blinking, processing thoughts,digesting food [burping lol], but what many of us aren’t aware is we have the capability of having much more control over the bodies functions than we are realize.

When we emote negativity the body feels it and becomes more sluggish. When we encounter tragedy or some other strong emotional event in our life we are at our greatest risk for illness (proven fact). When we are really happy, on the other hand, the body responds to that also and (believe it or not) your immune system becomes a little more capable of doing a better job for you.

So if it sounds like I’m saying we can accidently (key word there) make our bodies weaker with a negative attitude (BINGO) that is exactly what I’m saying! I am not saying that we can think ourselves well if we are sick, I am saying that with the right attitude we can improve the environment in our body so that our body wants to help itself get better.

Which brings me back to attitude and the aging thing. At a certain age people begin to start complaining about the various physical complaints in their body (usually it’s because they are less physical and perhaps some of their dietary habits aren’t what they could be. So I begin to hear these people say, “I’m getting old” with a million verbal variations on the theme.

This usually begins somewhere in the 40’s and progresses from there. Folks I gotta tell you, you are talking yourself into aging because your body is paying attention to what you are thinking and saying and your body obediently obeys the message you are sending to it (whether you are aware of this or not).

Some of the most vibrant and exciting people I have ever known are in their 80’s and 90’s+ and the thing that separated them from the flock of “over-the-hill” “old-timers” is they saw themselves as young and lived accordingly!

Simply put the greatest thing going for youthful longevity is the attitude you have about yourself, your body and how it ages! And I am a living testimony to that fact!

I am 65  yrs old, I have lived through disease, pain,the tragedy of multiple loss of loved ones and my attitude is still fundamentally unchanged – Live long and Prosper!

What a day for a daydream…

“What a day for a day dream…custom made for a daydreamin’ girl.” (Lyrics from the musical group The Lovin’ Spoonful during the late 1960’s and the words were actually “custom made for a daydreamin’ boy”, so I took a little bit of liberty here.

Still whether you are a boy or girl (or cat? Giggle!) the thought holds true.

Do you daydream? I hope so. Did you know that the meaning of daydream is – a dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes. (Okay so franky may not be in tune with the whole…while awake…approach but I’m sure he’s daydreamin’.)

I, for one, am most definitely a daydreamer. I’m guessing I excel in that area. Nothing can surpass the imagination when it comes to thinking about where we’d like to be, what we’d like to do and what we wish would happen. And often dreams can lead to inspiration which leads to motivation which leads us to…the actual fulfillment of the dream.

So if you’re not a daydreamer…perhaps you should be. Give it some thought…daydream about it.

Have a very relaxing and happy Sunday and may all your daydreams come true!