The Day After Impossible

Food for thought, in our upside down world of today. Take care everyone. Each one of you is important and special. ♥️🌿

The Why About This

A parable inside the unknown surrounded by accepted reality (Or … what happens next is up to you)!


“Hey! What’s that you’re holding in your hands? I can see light streaming between your closed fingers.”

“Oh you mean this,” the young lady responded.  She spread open her hands into a cupped position revealing a swirling glowing orb nestled in her brightly lit palms.

“It’s tomorrow,”  she said. “Well, sort of. Actually I’m holding time itself. Okay, to be absolutely precise you can view this as the energy of time. Like a miniature version of our solar system.”

“Oh don’t be ridiculous,” he responded. “Are you insane, you can’t hold tomorrow. It’s not a thing. That makes no sense, besides it hasn’t happened yet and you certainly can’t hold time either because it’s not a thing either so it’s … it’s … well it’s impossible.”

“How do you know it’s impossible?”

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The Wealthy Few

The quality/quantity of physical wealth. Power, dominance, privilege, and the entitlement it engenders. Heady stuff.

“They look through you. People, most of them, at this level of monetary/social privilege. Those who can, have whatever they wish, whenever they wish it, chosing not to care, or simply having no empathy for those who can’t.

They don’t see you. Not really. Sweating out a day’s pay trying to make rent, or the homeless begging for food/money on street corners.

They don’t see those people who provide services they use (as they’re no more than “lesser-thans”) in the world of moneyed, tunnel-visioned, privilege. They don’t know names much less the situations of those who work for them outside their admins or personal assistants and then only the names.

And they want, need, must control at whatever costs to all others.

This bears repeating … “at whatever costs to others”, and whether you’re a society ruled by democracy, religious patriarchy, militarism, communism, conquest/dictator, or some other, at the very substance of who will want, need to be in control, will be the wealthy.

Bless you, and take care of yours. Remember, at the substance of things, we all matter.


In spite of how it feels, a sometimes loneliness of self; reality is “we are one”.

Moral Fiber

Human Survival

Well … are we not, in the ‘now’ of things, in one considerable mess? I go off adventuring in our glorious, mysterious universe for a handful of years and the entire planet begins to come apart.

What can we do? Humans are a fractious lot at best. At worst … I suppose one might say we’re living some of this “worse” right now.

Even though, if one is being completely honest about it, we pretty much brought this on ourselves. The entitled, selfish, greedy and complacent parts of who we are, as humans.

I’m assuming we’ve allowed our souls, or spirits, (or otherness still being explored by philosophers, scientists, spiritualists, theologians, etc) out … on an extended holiday, as it were. Absenteeism of many of our positive values have gone missing.

The influence of our spiritual selves, reminded us (more or less) about individual moral values. You know, politeness, respect, caring, sharing, honesty, trust.

So here we are.

I’m guessing getting back on track, as it relates to moving forward (humanity as a whole) will involve a fair amount of necessary eye opening to the actual worldwide events going on and will require less intrusive input from our artificial world of which/where too many of us spend overly much time. It’s artificial. That means ‘pretend’ as in ‘made up’, not real. Entertaining, certainly, overwhelmingly so, but helpful … only in small doses.

So, step one: Go on an information diet. Restrict you use of digital technology to a small fixed amount of time. I would have added to also verify that which you do consume online (relating to accuracy) but we’ve lost the essence of trust with good cause in this regard. So limiting usage seems the next best thing.

Moral fiber, that internal substance within each of us has been banked down to nothing more than slightly glowing embers by our artificial, too fast moving world. We really weren’t ready for so much change, so quickly. And when coupled with greed and averous by more than a few, there you go.

Step two: Explore your immediate surroundings. Get the lay of the land. Be interactive as you safely can. (pandemic safety is important as is physical safety from those fearfully confused among us.)

Finally: Work on a few basics to rev up your under nourished, moral immune system (moral fiber). Make a positive difference, as you safely can, for those in need. Practice daily gratitude for what you do have.

And last but not least, do make a concerted effort to live more fully in the current day (not yesterday’s memories or tomorrow’s dreams). Today is when your tomorrow’s will take shape and your yesterday’s will remember. Keep thoughts and actions (re yesterday, today and tomorrow) in correct, balanced perspective.

As always, take care of you.

I do wish you well and safe,

Penelope ♥️

Where Are We Going?

Where are we going is an excellent question. I don’t believe most of us (each with differing levels of experience and background) really know. We’re currently too busy putting up emotional barriers because, honestly, we’re overwhelmed with information.

Information/graphic/videos that change daily. Information that’s often not complete or accurate. Information based on hearsay, opinion and in some cases pure fantasy. Information being shared for the sole purpose of advancing specific agendas; be they for the purpose of selling something (products, services, ideas, beliefs, politics, etc.) and/or a deliberate attempt to steer us emotionally in different ways.

Remember each human is in their own place and time with their learning curve, so when exposed to large amounts of information, havoc becomes the norm for most of us as we’re continuously exposed to the daily online world’s onslaught of everything.

Consequencely, to discern, separate fiction from fact, to moderate within ourselves the value of various types of social media (which is also heavily corroded/intertwined with advertising) is difficult.

Therefore, with this in mind, for both increased health and sanity, let’s see how this may be accomplished by us. In the meanwhile …

Stay safe and strong. I wish you well.


Time Out for Art ~ Curiosity and little girls

Something from the past. On a lighter happier note … ♡♡♡

The Why About This

Curious by Penny L Howe, 2013


There was a little girl who just had to know,
about every little thing, everywhere she’d go!
Girls need to understand things
the Why, the How, the Who,
little girls are curious – it’s just what we do!
Growing up to be mysterious
or so it seems to men.
The truth is we stay curious,
the What, the Where, the When!
living life and loving
the things we do the best,
Well, and staying curious
for knowledge is our quest!
My case I therefore rest!

“Go Girls!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Today is Thursday so it’s Time Out for Art over at Zebra Designs and Destinations! I drew a curious little girl and wrote a poem to go with it! I hope you enjoy, thank you!

~ Penny


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When You Don’t See

When you don’t see … you still feel.

When you don’t feel … you guess.

When you don’t guess … you wonder.

When you don’t wonder … you dream.

When you don’t dream … you ….


Well, that’s not enough, is it?

While we’re not entirely clear on the why of things when it comes to life and living; we do have our amazing senses to guide us. Use them.

We are what and how we are for some reason. Even if it isn’t exactly clear on just what the reason may be. That being said, there is nothing to stop us from being all we can be in this life … except ourselves.

Do see what there is to see, feel what there is to feel, continue to wonder and dream.

You’re creating the most amazing landscape for traveling through when you do. And you pass on your unique landscape to others. A gift within a gift. How awesome is that?

Do take care of you and yours. I wish you well!

With deep affection,


The Mote in Humanity’s Eye – growing bigger each day!

Orion Nebula

And yes … once again I have returned from another sojourn out among the starry starry sky otherwise known as the Universe. While approaching Earth this time there were those unfortunate melancholy feelings playing upon my emotions.

Sigh. I do tend to associate with the mood of our planet and how the powerful, greedy few have been monopolizing the rest of us. However, be that as it may, rest assured our Universe is doing exceedingly well and shall do whatever is necessary to bring the radical, greedy and self oriented, hate mongering humans back in line.

In the meantime …

How’s your own ‘attitude footprint’ doing?

We all hear about our individual ‘carbon footprint’ and I’m a strong believer that we should be cultivating responsible behavior through the use of precious natural resources. As well as the discontinuation of artificial products that pollute; greatly harming the natural life flow of our planet. The only home we have, I might add.

But just as precious as natural resources are – our human resources. Recently I’ve given a lot of thought to the ever increasing “negative attitude” footprints we’ve been leaving. Certainly social media platforms are currently overrun with the these footprints.

You see, those daily attitudes are being shaped by personal situations aided and abetted by our emotions/thought processes/reactions to current, local and international events conveniently provided for us by the “helpful assist” of social media interactions and news. Consequently we have this vicious circle where one responds and the other acts and so on and so forth, if you follow where this is going.

Fear of change or more specifically the unknown, also fear of things that are different from what we “know” too easily preclude a potential positive outcome which leads to misunderstanding and a true lack of communication.

In turn we go to a safety place which in many cases turns out to not be safe at all because we weren’t open enough to see the entirety of a situation, only our perception of same. Cruelty, rudeness, being mean in thought, word and deed appears to be trending today, considered (by far too many) to be not just okay but acceptable and normal in our everyday of things. Judging others has become prevalent in our society. Honestly, none of us is well equipped to judge others. We each have our weaknesses and shortcomings.

Yet as long as we’ve decided to ignore or be a part of what in our hearts we know to be wrong, our negative “footprint” will continue to grow.

We’re better than this. I know we are. And we can individually improve things by remembering not to judge others or situations arbitrarily, also by being thoughtful and considerate, most especially to those who share different beliefs and opinions than we do. Who knows some of their thoughts and ideas might not be such bad things after all.

May your today be a good one and your tomorrow even better.

I wish you well,


*traveling interstellar guide shaping dreams of tomorrow (or purveyor of pure imagination if you so desire)!


To Write is to Breathe

If you’re a writer.

To sing/compose/play a tune is to fly

if you’re a musician.

To create, assemble, craft is to become whole

if you’re an artist.

There is purpose in all things including imagination, dreams and desires of which creativity is primarily composed.

Doubt it not, oh creative ones. The world needs you so very much, as it always has and always will.

Speaking for myself here, I have been absent these last few months from blogging due to periodic travel amongst the stars. Which as I’m sure you comprehend consumes much time (well actually Earth time, not so much Universal time). How do I accomplish this? That would be telling, wouldn’t it, which I am disinclined to share. But it is glorious, I must say.

I wish you equally well in your endeavors. Take care of you, and of those you care.

With much affection (as always),

~ Penelope (yes my actual name and I’ve decided I like it after all)

Change … Come Gently To Me or The Universality of Love

You are safe even though you feel an exhausting fear and from your fear comes a strong dislike of change.

Change is rarely understood consequently often hard to accept but, as with all change, is temporary and if accepted as such can be soothed by the cohesive balm of our universe … love. This calming spirit is always involved with healing; resolving a myriad of emotional issues (which in any given moment can be overwhelming).

You are safe, even as with many other restless souls you continue to torment yourself with the demons of worries and concerns, rights and wrongs, good and bad.

Do remember, not all things are as they seem and while reality yet beats upon our souls, our spirits are alive and well. Take heart, you are protected as never before and even as you believe in yourself and your own goodwill towards all, believe also in the love from others. Even those at a distance. Even those unknowing to you. They are as you and I.  And there are many, many of us loving with an inclusive universality of awareness and understanding. Many of us.

So come you gently into the Universal fold. In substance you are already there and thrice welcomed, always. And safe, not ever alone, after all.


It is the beginning of a new calendar year. I wish you well with health, happiness, prosperity, peace … and most of all with love.


~ Penny