Change … Come Gently To Me or The Universality of Love

You are safe even though you feel an exhausting fear and from your fear comes a strong dislike of change.

Change is rarely understood consequently often hard to accept but, as with all change, is temporary and if accepted as such can be soothed by the cohesive balm of our universe … love. This calming spirit is always involved with healing; resolving a myriad of emotional issues (which in any given moment can be overwhelming).

You are safe, even as with many other restless souls you continue to torment yourself with the demons of worries and concerns, rights and wrongs, good and bad.

Do remember, not all things are as they seem and while reality yet beats upon our souls, our spirits are alive and well. Take heart, you are protected as never before and even as you believe in yourself and your own goodwill towards all, believe also in the love from others. Even those at a distance. Even those unknowing to you. They are as you and I.  And there are many, many of us loving with an inclusive universality of awareness and understanding. Many of us.

So come you gently into the Universal fold. In substance you are already there and thrice welcomed, always. And safe, not ever alone, after all.


It is the beginning of a new calendar year. I wish you well with health, happiness, prosperity, peace … and most of all with love.


~ Penny


words in ink

I don’t reblog often, but when I do … well … this poem is simply beautiful and had to share it here with you. ♡♡♡


work of art by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

words in ink

I want to write words in ink the colour of your eyes
I want to compose music to the rhythm of your heart
I want to create a work of art as beautiful as your smile
And I want always to go back to the start

I want to write words in ink the colour of your eyes
That see the world in your sweet forgiving way
That look at me with that gentle affectionate glow
And shine more brightly at the daft rhymes I say

I want to compose music to the rhythm of your heart
The heart that beats with a passion so pure
I want to add lyrics to sing to you in your dreams
To produce a lullaby that only my love can cure

I want to create a…

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Life’s Internal Survival Tools … So Handy for Today!

I fear change, unless curiosity and anticipation encourage me through a newly opened door of opportunity. I hate what doesn’t agree with me unless my compassion, caring and need to understand takes charge and helps me to greater wisdom.

Reality can definitely seem overwhelming unless/until my imagination takes over and finally, I know sometimes I feel a sense of despair until my hopeful spiritual nature and dreams come forth to guide me to a better place.

Isn’t it a most wonderful thing to know that we (each) have our own internal toolbox of survival tools always available to us. If we remember to use them.

You do … Don’t you?

Be an Encourager. First to yourself and then to others! Thanks for stopping by and have a great new week to come. I wish you well.


Most Sincerely,

~ Penny

I Did It!!

Just had to share this blog. On so many levels, Christina’s recently published book is much more than just another book of poetry. Her raw courage to begin emotional and self healing and rediscovery (following a series of seemingly never-ending trials and stark tragedy) by putting words into a written form of expression is inspirational in and of itself but, oh, the moving poetic brilliance of her words is mesmerizing. I will be rereading each poem as a masterpiece from a wordsmith again and again. Truly her book is a gift from one person’s broken and reconstructing heart to be cherished, loved and shared with the hearts of many others. I do strongly encourage you to consider checking her book out. Well worth your time and yes, she deserves it.

∼ Reconstructing Christina ∼

My dear friends!

I know time has passed while I have been continuing to fight those fierce inner battles…but… I’ve been making progress too. So, now that it’s complete, not only am I back, but I can finally share my incredible news with you!

I’ve been hard at work these past months getting my first book, an anthology of my poetry, ready for you!

Final draft 1

As you can see off to the right a pretty little photo of my book (that will take you to Amazon). For 5 days, September 3rd-7th, the ebook version will be free, after that you can purchase it on Kindle or paperback (available now) via Amazon. Also, on Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free as well.

As for the donate button…

I am asking for your help my friends…for your support. Every dollar you so graciously give goes to my roof fund. I am…

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The Ethereal Symmetry of Just … Being

We must leave in no doubt the pure poetic power

found within a single flower emitting a sensual immediacy

of beauty most profound.

Yet even greater, and in addition to, is the resonating frequency of life

this one single flower transmits for all to experience and know,

if we would but allow ourselves to feel:

… the overlooked ethereal, eternal symmetry of just … being.

~Plh, 2018


Welcome September and a very warm welcome to all my friends. Those I know and those I’ve yet to meet. May your days and weeks ahead be filled with creative happenings and positive experiences. I wish you well.

With sincere affection,


Being Powerful

Being powerful without honor & moral values isn’t being strong at all. Rather it’s brawn made up of fear & greed masquerading as same & failing miserably. Bravery with honor and valor on the other hand is a most magnificent thing to behold.” ~Plh

Always true, from the smallest every day bravery to the largest.


With much affection, I wish you well.

Penny ~ Plh

The Way Forward – Part 2: Trust or Becoming A Momentum Poet

When it comes right down to it, trust (after a certain age) is problematical even in the best of times. One might say this is more true than ever in today’s world, perhaps. But then again maybe the truth of it is that many of us have more things influencing us (trending and never-ending streams of information) than previously encountered.

We’re more aware of not only the opinions and actions of people in our immediate vicinity but also of those further away. Terabytes of digital information influence and affect us, (much as a virus where trending information has become a contagion mindset) hence greater trust issues emerge. Who can we believe? Who can we count on? Who can we TRUST?

For as long as … well … the forever we know of (past history) and believe to be true (of course this seems to change daily also) there have been tragedies, successes, sorrowful experiences and happy ones, wars, famine, rich, poor, good leaders, bad leaders and indifferent ones (depending on your viewpoint, of course).

So, the heart of the matter is this … who can you trust? Begin by trusting in yourself. Be true to you! Be honest within your heart. Care about what and who you care about.

Next, from a viewpoint of perspective based on conscientious consideration (not one solely based on your emotions of the moment) see others as equals not as potential enemies, but rather people with a different way than yours who perhaps might be potential friends.

And then keep moving forward in a more nuanced consistent manner, as if you’re ‘per chance‘ dancing your way through life.  Focus less on ‘concerning maybes‘ in tomorrow’s unknown. See not responsibilities as everyday burdens casting heavy laden pieces of inescapable reality your way (which often lead to more missteps within the flow of forward momentum), but rather view your concerns and responsibilities as potentials to be overcome and resolved.

Become a ‘Momentum Poet’ trusting in yourself to carry you forward. Progress cannot then so easily be halted. Truly. The creative/imaginative power inside your heart and soul will incessantly resist negative tides, overcoming, moving beyond a myriad of unanticipated obstacles.

Never doubt your individual power and ability to overcome and move onward. It’s always there, just waiting for you to activate. Know that your uniquely poetic movements in life are both singular and multitudinous in  purpose, stronger than you can imagine, blending as needs be with others.  And even as you strengthen your belief in self, know you are never alone. Never.

“Sing me to the moon

then love me far beyond,

all of this and more is

Life’s universal song.” ~Plh

“Believe in yourself, your individual self worth, know and understand your uniqueness is a part of life’s special gift. You are far more than you can imagine for your worth is priceless.” ~Plh

Thank you for being you, thank you for stopping by, hang in there, keep loving and moving forward.

I wish you well,