A passage of time

All of us are on a journey through life. Each journey encompassing a passage of time.

barefoot boy

Sometimes we travel with someone on our journey. And sometimes we don’t.
The blogging experience is a journey too.  A “blogging” passage of time. One where we are definitely sharing our journey with others.
These last 10 months of blogging, to date, have been wonderful and I’m grateful to so many who have made this passage of time such a good one for me. I’ve met some wonderful people online that have become friends that I cherish.
The time, for me, has been well spent. I’ve learned much and enjoyed more. I hope the future will be even better for all of us in our blogging adventures.


Thank you, for all those who come by to visit and comment. I greatly value you and your comments more than you can know. I’m looking forward to visiting and sharing continuing journeys with you.

~ Penny


37 thoughts on “A passage of time

    • Sheri, your comment is one of the most beautiful compliments I’ve ever receiving for my writing. I most sincerely and humbly thank you for your generous words. I’ll try to live up to them.

    • As I do in the knowing of you Amy! I feel very fortunate there. I hope our blogging adventures continue for a long time – very very good for us! Thank you for your lovely compliments my friend!

  1. I’m happy to have met you, too, Penny, and I agree with all you have said…making many new wonderful friends through this virtual journey! I hope it also continues for a long time so that we all stay encouraged by one another! Many hugs to you!

    • Thank you Lauren, I think it will, we deserve each other, don’t you think, lol! I mean in a really good, upbeat and supportive way! hugs and much affection to you!

  2. Such an incredible journey Penny — and it moves forward for all of us — I’d say for most of us, stronger and more encouraged for having connected here. I surely feel this way having come to know you over these months. So much Love ~ Hugs and Affection, Robyn

  3. Oh man! I felt like Alastair. Don’t scare us like that Penny!!!!!! (no, that’s not too many exclamation marks for something as serious as this 🙂 )

  4. AnElephantCant completely agree here
    Some folk that he meets are nightmarish
    But there are one or two
    Like Christina and you
    He believes are true friends he always can cherish

  5. you probably have the same feelings that i do, feelings of awe and gratitude for so many people who appreciate your posts and subscribe. i find myself wishing that i knew more about the ones who don’t have blogs, but nonetheless are there in the bleachers.

    how could one not enjoy and appreciate your upbeat posts? i’m glad to have met you, oh kindred spirit!


    • Thank you Lisa, I likewise am so glad to have met you, I do feel the kindred connection. One of the wonderful things about blogging is discovering “others” who think and feel from the “creative element” of things, nurturing as they go! And I also agree with you, I want to know more about those in the bleachers also, equally awesome to my way of thinking! Thank you for your lovely compliments!
      Much love, Penny

  6. I agree with Alistair… I thought it’s a goodbye post. Relieved to see it’s not. Togetherness is part of the fun…. let’s continue our bumping around on this planet for some more time… sharing, caring, baring ::))))

  7. I got worried then, I thought you were about to say you were giving up. Glad you’re not.

    In the last ten months I have watched you grow. You have gone from good inspirational posts to some fantastic ones and some that have been truly outstanding and .. dare I say .. legendary. You have been a positive influence on my blogging time, and have helped me turn my blogging around.

    Thank you my friend, I have enjoyed reading and look forward to many more posts.

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