Children of the Stars – Shine Brightly!

I look up at the night sky, countless stars scattered across the vast heavens bringing peace to my soul, infinite and yet so beautiful!

Born of the planet Earth, none-the-less, I know we are all a part of the life force of our Universe.


Our Earthly existence may seem to matter not at all, within the eternity of the heavens above. And yet while we live, each of our “life lights” shine as brightly as a star.

No matter where, or who we were born as – doesn’t matter, our life flow sparks no less brightly. Our gender, age, race or beliefs, all a part of our earthly existence yet – equally – we are all of the same magnificent Universe, shining as brightly as the stars in our night sky. We are a part of the majesty of it all, you know.


In my heart and soul I am a child of the stars … as are you!

Remember this!

let none diminish your value or worth.Β 

Feel free to shine as brightly as you wish.

After all, as a star child –Β it’s your destiny!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re having an excellent week and enjoying the beautiful springtime night skies. And yes, I admit I can spend hours laying on the grass staring up at a starlit night. I am completely fascinated by our Universe and the secrets it holds.

~ Penny

20 thoughts on “Children of the Stars – Shine Brightly!

  1. I like to think that we are children of the stars – just as when our loved ones pass away – I see a twinkle & say it’s one of them. πŸ˜‰
    xo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xo

    • Hello my sweet and wicked friend. Thank you. My weekend was most lovely. Hope your week is being a good one for you and that you are taking care of yourself, Andro. (and having lots of fun too!) πŸ™‚ xo

  2. Beautiful post, Penny, and I just love the stars! My daughter and her friends used to go star gazing in their high school days. Great memories and fun times for them. This summer, we’re renting a condo in Oregon and my sister says that you can just about touch the stars, that’s how close you feel to them when you look up at the sky. Can’t wait! And it’s nice to read lovely inspiration to end the week, too….keep shining as you always do and have a great weekend! β™₯

  3. The stars are a really beauty to behold. I love pointing out the constellations, the nebula in the middle of Orion’s Sword, other galaxies. They are a true beauty as they are all infinite. As are our legacies. As you say, we are children of the stars and as such everything we do is as far reaching as the light from the stars themselves.

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