Don’t Hide the Beauty of Your Loving Soul!


“Hey, whatcha’ hiding under there?”


Your soul is beautiful. Don’t hide it under the shell of your physical body!

Come out and shine. Be brave, live life, make a difference for yourself and others. Even as you know there will be bad mixed with the good, at least you’re out there being a part of life! Your life!

And that matters. A Lot. It matters to you, and to those you care about who care about you. Whether you believe this or not! It’s true. Trust me on this one.

~ Penny

20 thoughts on “Don’t Hide the Beauty of Your Loving Soul!

    • Jules since we first met I can’t share adequately enough how happy I was to recognize not only a kindred spirit but an exceedingly gifted and talented one. That you write prolifically now is absolutely an excellent thing for you, but most especially for your readers. I mean this most sincerely! And hugs to you, Penny

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