A Message From The Universe


We all have tough days. Where regardless of how positive you are with your mindset, things keep going wrong.

I was having one of those days recently when the most fascinating thing happened. But let me back up a bit and share what led up to the moment.

So a series of “OMGosh can the day get any crazier” things having occurred, I sat down at my desk completely exhausted, weary and frustrated, after being interrupted for the zillionth time and happened to look up at my small bookcase. On the shelf I have 3 balanced rocks. Being a rock lover, I enjoy balancing various ones at different times. These are small rocks I’ve had for some time.

The thing is, as I viewed them in that moment I saw something I’ve never noticed before. The shape of a small heart located in the right corner of the bottom rock. How cool is that?!


I must have stared at the heart for 5 minutes (at least). For me it was definitely a message from the universe letting me know I was loved and things would be okay. So needed in that moment and the rest of my day passed uneventfully.

Just too cool and had to share! ♡

Have a great weekend.

Always with sincere affection,

12 thoughts on “A Message From The Universe

  1. That is awesome that you would suddenly notice the heart and that you did when you needed to as well, I wonder how many things hidden in plain sight we miss, probably more than we think if we count people too. xxx

  2. That is lovely and you noticed it when you needed it. That is a message! I have got a rock shaped like a heart on my desk. My son found it on the beach in Scotland and gave it to me, it is very precious to me. Hope you have a better day again and wishing you a good week to follow! Much love Ute ♥

  3. Penny, what can I say except . . .
    But seriously, what you wrote is so true. When I’ve gotten overwhelmed, sometimes it’s just best to step back and look around. There are sweet messages everywhere when I’ve taken the time to look for them. That heart is perfect. I’ve discovered that love is my key for unlocking stress.

    • Thank you, very much, Judy. Rocks being among my favorite things, I take that as a twofer compliment. I so agree with you about the heart and love being the key (writing an inspirational book about that right now) Again my thanks. Your words bring extra happiness to my heart.

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