Love, Laughter, Strawberries and Hugs


… These are a few of my favorite things.

And you! Definitely you. And the aftermath of a rainshower when rainbows appear, birds sing and the fragrance of life bursts forth.

And giggles, I love little children giggling – so totally infectious. And puppies and kittens (goes without saying I guess). Flowers, I simple love flowers, all kinds and strawberries still on the vine, red, sweet and just waiting to be picked and popped into my waiting mouthwatering mouth.

And good news. Any good news, doesn’t matter what. And music where people spontaneously sing along, because we can’t help ourselves. How great is that?

There are just too many things to name when it comes to favorite things.

But then it seems to me even on the hardest of days remembering our favorite things that make us happy (and grateful) is an absolutely wonderful way to go on!

Take care of you.
With love and affection,
~ Penny

13 thoughts on “Love, Laughter, Strawberries and Hugs

  1. My favorites too. Those strawberries look great growing form the top, much easier to harvest really. As to love, laughter and hugs, I am totally with you on those, you know me and i am sure that is not surprising to you! Sending you all of these ( except the strawberries unfortunately… mine are not quite ripe yet.) from Ute xxx

  2. And chocolate cake and summer dresses and the moon peaking in through my window and ponies and pink flowers and presents with ribbons and summer breezes and the sea and….and…..😄😄😄

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