A Bee on a Dandelion – time out for art

Several weeks ago, Lisa, at Zebra Designs & Destinations (& playamart) started a delightful artistic activity – Time Out For Art – every Thursday. All who enjoy (or want to try their hand at this creative and relaxing activity) pick up a pencil and sketch, then share their pencil drawings by linking to her weekly Time Out For ArtΒ post. As a result of this gathering of artistic activity, I’ve decided to spend more time drawing. I’ve rediscovered just how much I enjoyed sketching, something I’ve done very little of, in recent years.

A few weeks ago there was a dandelion plant thriving in the lawn. Prior to it’s removal I sat down and sketched it. I sketched very quickly. There was a bee on one of the dandelion flowers.

dandelion sketch

I used just a few placement lines and circles for the the initial layout, the bee did not hang around long. Then I sketched in more details (the bee long gone by now), went inside to refine a little more of the detail and shading.

It was overly ambitious of me, afterwords I realized there was just too much detail for me to do it justice as a true pencil sketch (and too little time as well). So I shaded in various grasses and dandelion petals and bee and then to bring out a little more detail, I pen and inked in some of the sections and added a smidgen of color. So not truly a “pencil sketch”. Next week I’m going for a more stand alone object so I can really focus on the shading detail of a less complex subject!

So there you have it. To some a weed, to me a dandelion wildflower, to the bee, nourishment! p.s.- if you look real close, there is a dandy ‘lion’s’ face peaking out from the left upper most dandelion flower in the sketch!Β 

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to enjoy your day today!

~ Penny


39 thoughts on “A Bee on a Dandelion – time out for art

  1. I noticed the winking dandelion straight away but wasn’t going to mention it πŸ™‚ You have an eye for detail Penny and I like this drawing, I can’t remember the last time I sketched something outside, maybe I will have a go sometime soon, just for my own amusement of course as I doubt my artistic talents will stretch that far πŸ™‚

    Andro xx

  2. Beautiful Penny, your drawing has so much detail and love the color in it, I am glad you see beauty in everything, dandelions are so pretty but often overlooked ;).

    • I think it was the first “flower” I picked and gave my mother. I also know it was the first “flower” my daughter picked and gave me! Yes they are pretty. I guess when your shorter and younger the perspective is cleaner and truer for all of us, Doris! Thank you! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you, honestly I was more than a little frustrated that I couldn’t bring out what I wanted to, without the color. Dandelions are so very yellow aren’t they, lol!

  4. AnElephantCant help being impressed
    At what he is now seeing
    So he joins in the game
    By telling you that the name
    Come from the French dent de lion*

    *Lion’s tooth (AnElephant knows about jungle stuff!)

  5. So very lovely Penny… my multi-talented friend! You captured the movement here — and I too think of the dandelion as a wild beauty (vs a weed) ~ I think I see the face too πŸ™‚ So much Love and thank you for sharing your craft with us!!! x Robyn

      • Ummm perhaps I should have said, “I wish I could DRAW” I have no trouble with my drawers πŸ˜€
        No, I have to admit I haven’t tried to draw – not seriously. I guess I should be grateful I can create a story πŸ™‚

  6. I love this. I was looking at it as I was reading, and thinking “That looks like a face” πŸ˜† You are so talented in so many ways my friend.

    Hoping to go at this today

  7. i love it, penny! we see so much more, as you know, when we record with pencil (or pen or paint) and not with the camera. we also anchor memories to those drawings and reopen those memories when we view the work years later. you did a great job, even if the bee was suddenly struck with a case of bashfulness!

    thanks so much!

    • A pleasure. I must thank you again Lisa, I’ve been away from my sketch pad for too long, you’ve reminded me of much as you say of anchoring memories, but more importantly is we attach ourselves with the art while we detach our daily selves (work, chores, stresses) to experience the creative feelings in full. I’ve missed this! I am grateful to you my friend, xx

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