A Passion for the Written Word.

Whether you are a dedicated writer or an avid reader, it is passion that moves you.

For the writer it is the longing to write, his or her passion – to embrace the muse. For the reader of the written word, their desire – to be passionately moved by the words in some manner.

The following prose is a dedication to those who love to read and write, for it is a truth; you cannot truly have one without the other.

Passions From Within

There is that … in your words,

exciting passions from within.

Ethereal and gentle they provoke

a lingering, craving, longing, intensity

from the reader.

Your words move, readers slide into your words

lulled senses alive.

 Honed words are your tools to be shaped.

Passion ignites –

endless and enduring from the written word.

Your passion for writing … to be shared with the reader.


Penny L Howe

15 thoughts on “A Passion for the Written Word.

  1. Isn’t it true that some people are too involved in themselves to pay attention to others? This might include writers as well. So there might be a chance that a writer doesn’t have to be a good reader.

    • Hi Umair. I am sure you are correct. However, I’m guessing (nothing based on scientific fact) that even those self absorbed individuals who write, still read a fair amount, but perhaps for a different set of reasons than for love of the written word. I am further guessing that they are in the minority. A fairly educated guess, however! 🙂

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