If an Apple was Life, I would …

…take the biggest bite I could!

Savoring every single sensation in my mouth that the apple was offering to me.

Crisp and sweet (or tart), so juicy that the juice would run down the sides of my lips (hows that for some good imagery my friends lol). Let’s stay on point here, okay?

I have a huge “appetite” for life! Using an apple in an allegory manner is a nice way to describe these feelings.

I taste life. It is rich and full bodied, even on the quiet somber days. It is sometimes exotic, sometimes excruciating and intense, and sometimes so unimaginally poignant and beautiful that I cry for the wonder of it.

I crave the almost mouthwatering feelings I receive from life everyday so much so that it can be an ache in my soul.


I have a restless spirit flowing with the currents of life – languid, adventurous, dangerous.


The magical dance of living life.


Some days hurting from the rawness of life, enduring the unendurable. Other days embracing sweet, rich, delicious love. Each an essence of life. I am alive.


I taste life to the fullest, every day. Get the point? Or more perhaps clearly stated – do you? Always your choice. Really … always your choice.

Apple of Life -Taste it’s Richness!

Thank you for visiting today, “It’s your life – take big bites!” Penny L. Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe 

48 thoughts on “If an Apple was Life, I would …

  1. All I could think of with this post – although I know there is more to it – was when we went apple picking this weekend. And – YES – I took very BIG bites!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

    • Picking apples in an orchard, nice, reading my post, nicer, Taking a big bite of a delicious Apple, Priceless! Thank you Rosy, especial thanks for the hugs and smiles ~ needed a few of those today my friend! Penny xox

  2. Mesmerizing post Penny… I liked the way you broke it up and encouraged the reader to savor each section (which I did)… and also appreciated your brilliant portrayal of all facets of life and how you have an appetite for even the difficult parts – as you are still alive!! Something about your post today seems in sync with mine too … Live life fully — say YES to it all! Very very much enjoyed dearest friend ~ have a lovely evening! xo R

    • Thanks Robyn, yes I noticed the sync’ing (oh that sounds funny) between our posts and our thoughts also! Why am I not surprised with this lol, a very warm and wonderful evening for you also, much love, Penny xox

    • Hi Lisa, Thanks, I hope you find the biggest sweetest one ever and take a great big huge bite. 🙂 (my computer tweeked here – so I wasn’t sure if you received my first reply which was not visible on my blog page, if you did, well just repeat my thoughts and buy two apples lol)

  3. I can feel the juice of that apple…no wait that is drool , I don’t have an apple! LOL
    Once again my friend you have a post of such import “The magical dance of living life.” My favorite line! well done my friend well done!

  4. It is unfortunate that sometimes that apple is out of reach. But if that apple is the one that you want, then you can almost feel it, the delicacy all the way to the core. And you will try to get it

    But also, too many people see the apple, just look at it and pass it by. Not realising that the apple is the fruit that tastes the best and going for an apricot instead. Or a prune.

    Once again, a very good post Penny. Thanks for sharing,

  5. I read that apple seeds have a wee bit of cyanide that probably won’t hurt you unless you consume a bushel basket of them and chew well. But then a little flirtation with dangerous things in life? I’ll bite into that. 🙂

    Actually my life is more like a bit of broccoli. lol

    • And no my reference was not the part about the cyanide and bushel basket you mentioned, but what we all see and think of when we see a whole basket full of red delicious looking apples that we want to enjoy whole bunches of! lol

  6. love this post. I agree fully, and do my best to leave each moment mindfully….but you describe those moments so beautifully, so poignantly here, “deliciously” here, both the wonderful parts and the difficult parts. Absolutely beautifully written. thanks so much for sharing this morning which happens to be one of those hurting from the rawness of life, enduring the unendurable days, the excruciatingly intense days…..so well said. And of course always trying to experience all of this with acceptance, gratitude and JOY. thanks again. 🙂
    with love light and JOY

    • Hi Jane, thank you. Sorry about your day, I sincerely hope it is of very short duration for you. And honestly, some days do “just suck”, well it is true. It can be hard, really hard sometimes, if my words are helpful to you in any way today I am very happy to have done so… warm and loving thoughts (sincerely) sent your way from me to you today! Penny 🙂

      • most appreciated. Today is already a little better and for sure, these times are short lived and far between. But sometimes we get great comfort and courage to move along from the words of others. A great blessing to be sure. 🙂

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