And so I wondered

… the musing of it all!




Unrequited Love ~ A sad but noble situation or so Nietzsche believed.

“Indispensable … to the lover is his unrequited love, which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference.”

But should there be a distinction made between love never returned and love that you thought (were told) was there, but never was?

And which heart is more broken? The one whose love was never returned or the one who thought it was?

For humans going through this often confusing condition of ‘to be’ (loved) or ‘not to be’ (loved) my muse offers her thoughts on the subject in verse, for no purpose other than she chose not to be jolly, oh the folly! Sorry got carried away with the melancholy (rhyme of it all)!

And so I wondered …

broken heart

Am I the one you dream of

Your very sacred heart of love.

Am I the one your heart beats for

The one you said you so adore.

Those were the words you used to say.

I know, I’d hear them every day.

Eternal love was ours to share

You swore we made the perfect pair.

Are now those tender loving words,

Being said, and being heard

By another love that’s true.

Off with the old love, on with the new.

How very easy it seems for you.

Just one question – what should I do

with the love inside I feel for you?



Yes, now that I’ve finished writing this piece I believe that a broken promise of love trumps unrequited love! And just so we’re clear on the subject, I am personally heart whole, no worries there, just musing with my muse, hope it was entertaining!

~ Penny

penny l howe

27 thoughts on “And so I wondered

  1. It’s a wonderful poem dearest Penny. It is such a dilemma when one heart decides the love is over and the other still yearns for more… what does one do to channel that love into something healing and good.. this is such a common phenomena — you have turned it into clever and beautiful art here — I am moved my lovely friend ~ Huge Hug to you this night — Love x RL

  2. AnElephantCant disagree with the poet
    Although there can be great pain in the fall
    No matter the cost
    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all

    Beautifully expressed, Penny, a wonderful work of art.

  3. Your muse gives you enough heartache for all manner of loves and lovings… stay heart whole and happy. And let the muse not remain unrequited! I like to think loving is a pure emotion and redeems the lover – everything else follows. 🙂

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  5. It occurred to me that I haven’t posted my poem that won you Unrequited Love competition in September. I just did a search through my archives and it’s not there. How odd. I’ll have to post that today.

    I love this piece, and I am glad that your heart is whole Penny. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see that scary piece

  6. Every verse, every line, every word….. we have all experienced that… I think…. and whether it a broken promise of love, or unrequited love… neither are pleasant to experience.

    Great post as always Penny…

    • Couldn’t be happier here RoSy! I have a scary piece I’ve written also (just to be different) but not quite ready to post that one though. Back to the upbeat for awhile, and I always, always love your hugs and smiles! 🙂 xo

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