A child’s ‘little disappointments’

Children think in the present. Their tomorrows (most of them) are fantasies of all they dream. Their today’s filled with the exploration of the day.

Jack and Emma

Every child (as they grow) can experience “little disappointments”! These disappointments are quickly erased with the following positive actions:

1 – They are not ignored by adults

2 – They are loved and told they are loved (and shown it frequently)

3 – They are played with by the (too frequently busy) adults around them

4 – They are hugged and reminded how special they are

5 – They are appreciated and shown they are appreciated by repeating the first four items mentioned

A child’s “little disappointments” unresolved can turn into Life’s big disappointments for him or her. The child can grow up to be insecure with very little or no belief in themselves.

Encourage, love and nurture a child and you promote the child’s own belief of personal self worth. They will grow up “knowing” they can handle life’s “little disappointments. Life will become filled with positive challenges not negative assessments of self worth!

happy jack and emma

Hug a child today, a whole bunch of hugs!

~ Thank you!



25 thoughts on “A child’s ‘little disappointments’

  1. What a wonderful reminder especially in todays world when it seems parents put their children on the shelf while they try to make a living to survive and provide …if only they would stop to smell the roses and just ‘be’ with the children, love and encourage as you said. Great post Penny thank you!
    Hugs hope all is well in your world, btw you do know you are posting just as much as before don’t you? LOL I am glad you are:)

  2. Aww Jack and Emma look great ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hope that I have done a good enough job with my kids. The future will show me. They have risen to some challenges and shrugged off some disappointments. I have tried the best I can with mine. And I hug them both every day – twice a day. And I probably will until the pop my clogs. Only at that point will I find out if I have been good enough to them

    • Actually parents always wonder what they could have,should have, their whole life Alastair. A truth there my friend. I can already predict that your children will grown up being exceedingly grateful for the love of their father! In spite of getting a few things wrong in the parenting department which every single parent on the planet does! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. โ˜†า‰ โ€ฟโ†—โ€โ˜†า‰โ˜† Emma & Jack โ˜†า‰ โ€ฟโ†—โ€โ˜†า‰โ˜† great pic of the kids…. those precious angels…

    What you write… adults need the same thing… disappointments quickly erased by the points you’ve so eloquently penned.

    Great post as always dear xxx

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