For the Love of Art – A Sketch

My friend Lisa, at ZEEBRA DESIGNS & DESTINATIONS (& PLAYAMART!) (an excellent artist) invited myself along with others, to sketch images in pencil and then post them on Thursdays. For those of you who love to draw, today is a good day to join in the fun. Just be sure and let Lisa know so we can all come to view your pencil drawing.

I decided to sketch a dandelion with a bee on it, tucked in the corner of the yard. He posed long enough on the yellow flower while I quickly sketched in the outlines and then flew off. While I did get the basic outline and shading done, unfortunately I did not complete it in time for today’s post. So instead …


Adam Hurst by Penny L Howe

Adam with Gypsy Cello – a sketch


I am showing a sketch I did some time back of one of my favorite musicians Adam Hurst, with his Gypsy Cello (Hand made by him btw – one of a kind). This is an informal sketch rather than a portrait as I only had his videos to work from, however Adam liked it, so that’s something. And it was fun to draw!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe


43 thoughts on “For the Love of Art – A Sketch

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  3. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Wow. So many people have such magnificent talent. Sadly I am not one. Can you post that unfinished sketch of the dandelion & bee so we can see it? Thank you for sharing this sketch with us.

  4. Such a great talent to own Penny. I envy your drawing ability. Mine is so rudimentary but I have been advised on more than one occasion not to take a formal drawing course (although I had a private lesson or two). The woman gave up on me 😀 Ahhhh – I accept my limits and try not to beat myself up for them. Still though …

    • Thank you LuAnn! I think I was an artist (as a child) before I was anything else (at least to myself) then I was a lover of words (books, writing) and finally … a lover of all things living! Pretty much in that order, my friend! 🙂

  5. Very good sketch, cannot believe you drew it from a video, it has so much detail, bravo! I discovered it in Lisa’s page right now ;), two talented artists I may say, this is fun I told Lisa we should do this often, she made me work all day yesterday, and had lots of fun and it is relaxing too.

    • Good Morning Doris. Thank you, I did watch this one video a lot (luckily I enjoyed the music, lol) and I could put the video on pause which came in handy to make sure I captured at least the essence of his facial structure and detail in both his face and the Cello, other then that it’s a lot of shading! When Adam makes a video he goes for mood, so a lot of the time the lighting is specialized to appear to be just from candles, so lots of shadows (which is cool)! Ironically the most difficult part was the hat! Go figure. I’m looking forward to viewing your artwork. I’m hoping Lisa will want to do this every Thursday. Yes amazingly relaxing and an extension to our souls! 🙂

      • Good morning it is almost lunch time,
        I can understand sometimes drawing light and shadows can be difficult, but it turn out so good.

        Yes we should, I told Lisa that we should start a group where we post a certain day, it was fun, I got off my comfort zone and our brains will thanks us.

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  7. oh my goodness! this is stunning artwork Penny. I am in awe of your talents and creativity. I can literally hear the music as I view your sketch. Breathtaking. Thank you my beloved friend!! x Robyn

    • Thank you Robyn, I still have your sketch of the dragon on the lined paper. I’ve been playing off and on trying to come up with a full body view of the dragon to complete and send you, (haven’t forgotten) still don’t have it quite right though, if only a dragon would show up so I could sketch from real life (well a friendly one anyway, lol) Much love to you dearest friend of mine! 🙂 xo

    • Hello Marina, how are you doing my friend? Thank you, as you know art is a passion for me, even more so than words, although I did remove myself from my own art work for several years. I’m beginning to remember the joy I always feel with the creation of things. Something you do so beautifully well, I am quite in awe of your talent! Hoping your evening and tomorrow are excellent ones for you dear and so special friend of mine! 🙂

      • Working on ways to do things to the fullest with minimum losses (neglecting the basics for example!). I am very familiar with your art passion / talent, my dear and I am a great fan!!
        A softly and …giggly beautiful day to you too!!!
        xxxxxx + hugs

        • Neglecting the basics (that sounds intriguing)! Thank you, I shall Marina, giggling right now in fact, and when you retire tonight … may your sleep be on the wings of an angel, softly flowing and peaceful! 🙂 xxoxx

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  9. Penny! This is wonderful! I’m impressed that you worked from life, even though the bee was quite rude to fly out of theh picture before you finished! I love the sketch of Adam with Gypsy Cello!

    Ironically, my recent post coincided with yours, and I will add your ‘for the love or art’ as a link right now!

    • Good Morning Lisa, thank you. Actually the bee was pretty cool, hung around longer than one would’ve thought. I’ve drawn from life a great deal of my life (started as a child) so am very comfortable with that. I did finally take a photo so I can finish my dandelion and bee and be somewhat accurate with lines. I used to sketch my children when they were very young, while they slept! A wonderful way of capturing a moment. I’m on my way to you now to check out your and everyone else’s talented pieces! This is really fun for me, thank you again my friend! Penny xx

  10. I remember when you profiled him on your blog. He is such a talented musician, as you are a talented artist. Maybe I’ll try my hand at drawing again. Get my books that teach how to draw.

    This is brilliant Penny. Thanks for sharing

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