Alastairs Photo Fiction – If Idols could cry

photography copyright Alastair Forbes

The Idol

Lovingly carved by my human creator, I stand posed in quiet contemplation on a shelf, in a room, in a house. My permanently, etched eyes “wide open” watching life take place around me.

Removed from my birth home, from where my body originated, I am far from the natural elements of nature’s flow, and yet it still survives within me. So it is now, with great sadness, that I silent and helplessly watch the hardships humanity lay upon themselves; confronting each other and their own selves, but without the nourishing rhythm and balance of nature – that they now willfully deny, much as wayward children not wanting to learn life’s important lessons.

I watch as they try and fail to come to terms with their errors of judgement, losing their precious connections to one another and to mother nature herself, even as they (with sometimes innocent intent) tear down the very infrastructure that lead to their existence and survival as a species.

I can see so very clearly and there is a great sadness within me as I sit on this shelf in solitary confinement. If I could, I would cry. But my tears would not be seen, either.

Penny L Howe, 2013


Yes definitely way over the 150 word limit, But I am hopeful this short written piece is still one you will find an interesting read. To join Alastair’s Photo Fiction writing challenge, (who’s weekly prompt is one of his wonderful photographs),Β click here! Go for it – you’ll have fun!

~ Penny

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31 thoughts on “Alastairs Photo Fiction – If Idols could cry

  1. Very interesting .. and a slant on statues that adorn our houses that maybe have the ability to watch and judge us.. lovely post Penny… lovely post…

    • Life certain can get overwhelming can’t it? And then in those moments, in self defense, it is so easy to go there. I agree. Thank goodness for the love and positive energy of others that come through, pulling one out of those feeling!

  2. So excellent dearest Penny ~ thought provoking. I am always intrigued by these idol statues — and your personification of them here is so perfect a refection of how I’ve often thought of them… beautiful work my loving friend ~ xRL

  3. I think they do…sometimes we just don’t always believe what we are seeing because then we would have to look deeper than we want to
    sometimes you have to look beyond the first glance and see the difference in the patterns on the would perhaps….

    a thinking post Penny, and as always an interesting one to think …
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…

  4. Actually Penny it is beautifully constructed piece, I like the intensity and the metaphor for all, of us helpless in our way to change the destruction of the world we all live in and share. I like this one very much.

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