The 6th Day of Happiness – Finding the Real YOU!


Are you the Real You? 

In today’s modern world, from the time we’re born, we’re inundated with information about who we should be, how we should be and so on. With this never ending and ongoing input we can get lost in a miasma-like state of existence, permeating every thought we think and action we take.

Often, we become who we think we should become based on what others tell us. But who are we really?

How many changes have you made to accommodate someone other than yourself? How many things that you’ve wanted to do have you not done because of fear of the unknown.

When will you let the real you emerge and come out from behind the exterior shell you’ve built in the mistaken belief that you’re safe, when in reality you are letting LIFE – your life – pass you by.

So ask yourself this. Who am “I” inside of me, really? How do “I” feel about where my life is heading? What can “I” do about it?

On this sixth day of happiness I’d like to give you a huge “heads up”. I know the real you. And you’re amazing! And awesome! Uniquely individual and loaded with all sorts of original thoughts and ideas. Don’t let exterior influences take over. Be your own person. You are far more worthy than you realize. And if I know it, you can too.

So go ahead! Find the real you! I’m rooting for you. Begin by make things happen for yourself. Just take that first step … The one great – big – positive – harmonious thought of Believing – In YOU!


* * *

With much affection to my world-wide friends,


32 thoughts on “The 6th Day of Happiness – Finding the Real YOU!

  1. Well I think we have talked offline a bit about this subject. I am working on doing just this and trying not to feel too selfish about fixating on me for a bit. 🙂

  2. I love this Penny. I went through this question thankfully when I was much younger when I realized I dance to my own tune and not become an extension of anyone else. Gratifying! 🙂

  3. You are awesome Penny ! 🙂 Nice to know that you believe in me , cause I don’t .., but I will eventually . I’m on my way 🙂

    Have a nice day Penny 🙂

    • Hi Tina, thank you my friend and partner. Of course I believe in you, how could I not? I am glad you’re on your way there too! 🙂 You also, a very wonderful day and weekend ahead! xx

  4. After a childhood of being told I was a different person from the one I knew myself to be, I’ve decided I’m the only one who knows “me”. I hate it if someone assumes they know what I’m thinking, when they’ve got it completely wrong.
    I like your sage advice, Penny.

    • Hi Sarah, thank you. When I was a child my parents decided they didn’t just break the mold after me, I was never in a mold to begin with, (simply very unique) and I think it holds true (seriously) for all of us. How cool is that! Much love, Penny xx

  5. My amazing Penny, thank you for that, I was just reading this in a sweet little book from Dodinsky. Believe in yourself and you can do amazing things! I know you do! Much love from Ute

    • Hello Ute, dearest friend. Funny isn’t how often the hardest thing to believe in is ourselves. And your words are accurate and true for all of us. Thank you, sending love and big hugs to you this day! 🙂 xx

  6. A lot of the time we alter our thinking so that we fit in instead of standing out. Some people are scared to stand out. They feel that by standing out, they open themselves to ridicule. I like your suggestion of starting by believing in yourself to start finding the real you.

    Thank you Penny

  7. I think we spend most of our lives discovering who we are. It is a never ending process as we discover new things about ourselves constantly. The secret seems to be that we remain open to discovery, evaluate what each one means to us, and choose to either accept that or reject it. Many people never give a thought to who they are for a variety of reasons, but when we do the discovery of self can be frightening on one hand and spiritually uplifting on another. Keep your eyes open Penny, see the light when it comes your way, follow your heart, wipe your own nose and see what happens. Have a good day.

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