Come and Get Your Happiness!

I think we complicate life too much today. No matter how tech savvy, or sophisticated we become, we pay not enough attention to many of those things that really matter for our happiness; the simple, every day things. Think on this for awhile … There is so much in our lives, ours for the appreciating … If we just take a little time to do so!

#sunshine #rainbows #smiles #laughter #a good deed – received or given #love #hugs #all life #nature #friends, and of course #family!

No matter who we are, No matter our age or where we live, we all long for happiness. Seek it by appreciating the things in life that are already yours … let sunshine into your life.

Have an excellent week ahead my friends, both here and around the world. A special prayer for all those who struggle with adversity, war and famine. May your hearts stay hopeful and you and your families stay safe from harm.

~ Penny

23 thoughts on “Come and Get Your Happiness!

  1. Very well said Penny. You already know how I feel about simplifying life. Hope you are having a week filled with happiness and that your finger is healing. 🙂

    • Thank you LuAnn. Yes I think I do know how you feel. My finger is on the mend, now that the swelling is down I’m moving it more and it’s reminding me that it’s not quite healed yet, LOL! Have just the bestest weekend, dear sister of mine! 🙂

  2. I suspect you are right, we do. But as we sort through all the things that matter it is sometimes difficult to sort out what is truly important and what are those things that simply hang as our history.

  3. If we all did that, then there would be a lot more smiles around my neighbourhood, which would be nice. Complication is bad, unless it is a Rubik’s Cube.

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