The Inspiring Blogger … You!

~ The “Blogging” Thinker ~

Aren’t bloggers wonderful?

Isn’t visiting other blogs (a small part of) the best part of the day sometimes?

Isn’t it fun to create/craft new posts and then interact with others in the comment section? Yours or theirs. Yes,Yes and Yes.

I continue to be extremely impressed with the well crafted words, expressive thoughts and ideas, beautiful photographs, renderings/original art, inspiring stories of life, poetry, very funny posts, excellent videos and so on and so on…

There really is this huge heart-hugging wealth of positive blogging going on out there. And I love it.

Thank goodness I’m a prolific and vociferous reader.  Just when I think I’m all through checking out blogging sites for the day (or night) another blogging site gets my attention and I feel the need to go check that one out too.

Either way I’m lovin’ it. Totally addicting but connected too – in a wonderful and exciting sort of way. I love the connections that are growing and becoming stronger each day. I find my appetite growing also. So I say to all the bloggers out there – Feed me …

… because I’m hungry for more!


Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the blog today whether writing, reading or commenting!

~ Penny

53 thoughts on “The Inspiring Blogger … You!

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  2. Exactly my sentiments! Connecting with everyone here in this blogging community feels great. Reading through their stories and what they have to say makes me want to know more and more! Glad, I found you Penny 🙂

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  4. Visiting blogs is always great, I have been a bit slow recently and always find a wealth of great stuff to catch up on, inspiration begets inspiration. I would like to claim the rights to that saying alas I’m sure they are already taken by that prolific word spouter Anon.

  5. Penny my dear dear friend you are such an inspiration to all of us! Your post today could be said about you a thousand times over and never be enough to say how very much you are appreciated! thank you for being you! Love XX

  6. For some reason I missed this. I know I had read it. It’s unlike me to not like one of your posts.

    I agree though. Reading some of the poetry, stories, the photos some people take. They are inspiring. They are what I strive to be like. I’m awestruck with the calibre of what people put out. Considering 98% are not professional, it’s amazing.

  7. Blogging is my addiction! I love the fact that I can reach around the world with my words, photos, notions and recipes! I also love the interaction with those that I have met via blogging and the new friends that I have made around the world! This also brought me to you, and I could not be happier!

  8. AnElephantCant help wondering
    If his blog is one of those that you visit
    Just how many timess
    Have you giggled at his rhymes
    It ain’t really too cultural, is it?

    He doesn’t use words that are challenging
    He doesn’t own an encyclopaedia
    He is not inspirational
    He is more recreational
    He’d be ecstatic to think you are a reader

    You see the best in everyone and everything, Penny.

  9. I totally agree with you Penny, since I have started blogging, I have read so many interesting and inspiring blogs. I love it so much, I never expected it. In the news you always see bad things happen, in the blogging world, I found so many wonderful , positive, genuine lovely and caring people. It is wonderful to connect with them , making life a happy place. Thank you for your blog, it always a pleasure reading it. With love Ute xx

    • Thank you Ute. It is a very nice feeling isn’t it, now if I can just add about 10 more hours to each day, I’m good to go! lol, I hope your week is being an especially good one for you my friend ~ Penny xo

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