On the Second Day of Happiness – Joy!



On the second day of happiness with feelings deep inside

I Inhaled life, exhaling joy to travel far and wide.

JOY to all your loved ones, JOY to all you know.

Mostly Joy to all of you – May your blessing grow!


With great affection!

24 thoughts on “On the Second Day of Happiness – Joy!

    • Thank you so very special and beloved friend of mine! A most merry merry Christmas (with lots of fun and love) just for you, Marina – one you soooo deserve to have!!! I love the extra hugs and am sending a bunch back to you! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂 xxxxx

  1. Your joy touches me from your side of the pond
    And with that I share it, across the world and beyond
    I want to thank you for being such a friend.
    One that has a beginning but has no end

  2. OK tell me where U have been these past few months and what I did to make u not stop in and say “Hey You.” Have you been well?

    • Hi Jueseppi. I have been offline most of the time, blogging less and less, right now and visiting no one. A few extra things going on in my life right now, but I am well.

      Of course you have done nothing wrong and I do apologize for not visiting you, my friend. You are not forgotten and I miss our visits also.

      I am hoping to post a post each day during the holiday season and plan to be back online more after the beginning of the New Year. Until then, dear friend take care of you and if we don’t speak again before Christmas have the Merriest One you can. 🙂 xx

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