You can overcome obstacles…you know…


… Obviously!

I think the biggest obstacle to overcome in life is our own perceived limitations.

This video is about an amazing man who clearly understands this and is definitely passing the message on.

Have an awesome day, be thankful for all that you have, and remember – we are beautiful aren’t we (all of us)!

~ Penny

21 thoughts on “You can overcome obstacles…you know…

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  3. When I saw the title of the video I thought ‘What a ridiculous claim’.
    Then I watched it.
    And felt ridiculous myself.
    Just amazing.
    We all self-impose limitations at times.
    And usually regret it.
    Thank you, Penny.

  4. this is an amazing video , I have watched it many times before. I don’t know how anyone (me) could watch this and walk away with any kind of self-pity but it happens, when it does I watch this or read danlrene’s posts. thank you Penny my dear for sharing this and yes we are beautiful and blessed!

    • It is a very important reminder isn’t it dear friend. All too easy to forget some of the very simply things that he makes very obvious indeed Len, sending blessings and love your way this day ~ Penny xox

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