An Equation for Imagining … the future!

Imagine the future

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

So I have imagined two equations (non-numerical) that I call “Life Equations”. I like to think Einstein might have approved of one of these. Which one is it?



SELFLESS CARING + WONDER + LOVE = Life being lived to the Fullest!

One would think the answer is obvious and therefore the solution obvious and If you doubt the veracity of either equation I ask that you take just a moment (that’s all it takes) to view two things with the above equation (perspective) in mind:


The current political/corporate global mindset!*

*this is inclusive of all structures, not a single separate entity
but the entire current world economy that we now depend completely on!

The natural and ‘pure nature’ of an innocent child!


I rest my case! Simple when you look directly at the facts. Simple to choose.

Or is it? I wonder which equation we each take part in? Which future we imagine?


Thanks for visiting, I hope your day is filled with imagination and happy thoughts ~ Penny

33 thoughts on “An Equation for Imagining … the future!

  1. When you put it like that it isn’t really a choice. Wonder is a great thing to possess, it is so easy to get jaded in these times (or just by watching the news) but to keep a sense of wonder and whimsy is as important as love to my mind. That Einstein bloke was a mite intelligent.

  2. I wholeheartedly subscribe to your second equation. Since retirement I find it is so much easier to live this way. During my years working, I forever felt like the oddball, the one who was just a little different than many of the other corporate managers. My thought processes often did not align with their “conventional wisdom” and I was secretly proud that they did not. May we all experience life through the eyes of the innocent child. Great post Penny. 🙂

    • Thank you LuAnn. I “get” exactly what you are referring to in the “corporate world” we share some similar experiences there.. Yes I truly hope we (all peoples) can keep a child’s view in mind, my special friend! 🙂

  3. Kids say they are so bored today. Somehow we have made them that way. I remember visiting cousins and great aunts and uncles who lived on a farm. There were no toys or tv’s or games or all the rest. But we always had fun because we used our imagination. And I was always unhappy when it was time to go home.
    Every imagination is not going to lead to an Einstein-ian discovery nor does it have to. But it can lead to a fuller life.
    Used my imagination here. Don’t think you saw. You have so many followers and places to visit and comment….which is great!

    • You are correct in everything you say regarding children. Meme. Thank you dear and true friend. Your imagination is amazing to me. I did respond just now, you are correct I did miss that post (and too many others I fear). Thank you for your understanding., I am very moved by this. Penny xxxxxx

  4. So love your equations creation Penny ~ Einstein would be proud! And so much align with the second equation ~ rule to live by… Sending you big hugs and much love dearest friend of the universe~ Robyn xx to my beloved Christina as well!

    • Hi Robyn, how are doing my most specialist of friends? Thank you for your words of encouragement and compliments. Hugs received and returned full bore, my heart to yours dearest one! Will pass yours on to Christina also. Positive energy still flowing your way from both of us! xxooxx

  5. I like to try to take part in the second mindset, Although, I do believe that at some point every body takes part in the first mindset whether it is by choice or not.

  6. AnElephantCant claim to be too smart
    But he understands indoctrination
    Our children are taught
    Too often by rote
    So we stifle their imagination

    And they grow up to believe that your ‘Global Mindset’ is the way things have to be.
    Superb insight here, Penny, thank you.

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